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What’s new guys


Enjoy the last few days of double candy


Calculated today. So I would be lvl 40 @ the 24th of August 2020. New goal: beat that predicted date and see if I’ll reach it before the 18th of June 2020 (my 2 year Pokemon Go anniversary date.)




Imagine you wanted to find out information on the tradability (or non-tradability) of purified Pokémon… Recalling that the topic had been discussed at least once here, what would you enter into the search box here to look for it?

I tried the obvious (“trade puriified”) and found absolutely squat, which left me about halfway between confused and irritated…


To be honest, I haven’t had much success with the search function. I typically find myself looking back through things I’ve commented on via my profile to find things … which is tedious, but works if you have the time. lol


I got this great IV Bronzong from the Jirachi research!



I didn’t indulge in the pay to play for Regirubbish.
Looks like my own decision of no value was very justified.
10 Passes that had to be used during event or they are wasted, some poses that look like legs are broken, catch one thing that will be available to all later and a medal.
Everything else that everyone that did not pay $ for got for free.


What Are your feelings on the new pokemon series coming out in around 10 days? The annoying part is going to be washing ash act like a dummy in pokemon battles all over again. I also want to know what products the guy is using for his face, still so young after 20 years.


I’ll see the new series when available on netflix lol


Unfortunately, that’s going to take forever. I’m still waiting for the rest of Sun and Moon on Netflix. lol


Same lol


Sup folks?


The vid has a timer… https://twitter.com/PokemonGoApp/status/1192274032281808896


Is there a more underwhelming shiny than Meowth…? :thinking:
I know there are lots of others that are very similar to the original… but Coin Kitty is two barely distinguishable shades of beige… :bread::custard::man_shrugging:


My keyboard has a Space Bar.

(without any reference or context, the post might as well say “click on this”)


Yes, Pichu is the worst. Meowth at least has different color on the paws, tail and ears.


I hoped the tweet would load, but lately some links just will not load. Even hub articles. As it looks now, it is clickbait

Edit: I posted a message to my self with the exact same link, this was the result:


Thanks. Checked out your original link, and it was funny how many people were irked about the announcement of a coming announcement. Especially now that the coming announcement has come.