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I’ve already taken 60 pictures today and no Smeargle yet


Zero for sixty? Impressive persistence there. I hated those long dry streaks so much I stopped chasing the photo-bombing pup. AR+ also means “more-than-annoying rarity” at times…

Luring us into taking ten times the number of photos as we intended to is one of the obnoxious aspects of the AR ‘feature’. The other most-obnoxious aspect is the ‘feature’ that asks us if we want to try the AR, and turns it on even when we say ‘no, thanks’. (Whoever decided the game should do that deserves to be pinned in a corner and called vulgar names to his/her face all day.)


I’m in the mid-70’s now and still no luck. I’ll try again tonight.


Wow! Another try for Mewtwo! And for now it looks like I can actually attend, too! Though I wish it was a little bit later, but okay…


You’ve mentioned hospitals, late doctors, and hobbling around on crutches. Injury? Surgery? Roughed-up by an orderly? (just trying to be silly on that last one)

More importantly than what happened - how are you doing now?


Have been at the hospital for a damage check. No big damage, just loads of small damage. Now 2 weeks of anti inflammatory drugs to get the reaction down. Then fysio. If it doesn’t improve enough in 6 weeks, my foot gets plastered.


I hope trying to PoGo while on the crutches doesn’t lead to even more debilitating injury. Too bad you can’t just pop a Max Revive and get on with your normal activities. :thinking:


Had to stop a lot to check since my phone was in my pocket. I’m careful, have a brace and strong walking boots on.


I think the most important are your eyes and your attencion in this moment… :flushed:
Be careful!!!


Thanks to my ADHD I have a very good peripheral vision. I can walk around looking at my phone and not walk in to things, avoid collisions with people and not trip over a bump or hole. :grin:

The only dangers now are slippery floors in shops or parking garages because of the continues rain here.


Maybe it would be more healthy to swim…


2 weeks of rest and meds should have a lot of effect. Swimming now is an extra load. After that I’ll see what happens.


Did my annual physical for my job yesterday, but don’t really need a doctor to tell me I’m fat, deaf, and blind. I cheated on my hearing test and looked at the machine to know when to press the trigger.


Well, then you aren’t blind since you saw when they pressed it :slight_smile:


By the way, I’ll be meeting @MrHeineken88 in a bit more than two hours for our lucky trade


Nope. She actually coached me through the vision test. I just got a 98% shiny bagon yesterday from lucky trade and I maxed it out.


Thanks to @Brobraam my Kanto dex is complete, did the 10000km+ trade, got halfway with the pilot badge and could finish the jumpstart research ( just have to do a tier 3 raid.)


Finally made besties, @cup. I hope you save an extra Chupacabra to trade me the next time I visit Texas.


New bug in the game. Duskull and Shuppet appear on my radar as if I haven’t caught them yet.

When I tapped on Duskull the game froze and this appeared


I caught Duskull. It’s the same thing like with Turtwig. These Pokemon will soon become shadow Pokemon.