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Weedle and Sableye, same thing.
Update: had the crash as well. After restarting I could catch it.


And Pikachu as well… :man_facepalming:

So it seems it can happen to Al Pokemon changed I. The game Master file. Not just upcoming shadow Pokemon.

I also just read something about someone catching a Squirtle. That Squirtle could not be evolved and also if traded would count as a special trade. :thinking:

Also Meloetta is coming.


Wow! A wild Seedot!




Meloetta coming? Haven’t read anything about that other then in speculations.


It is in the game Master since yesterday. I’ll post the link in a minute.

Game Master Past Bin


The game master also has a Master Ball in it since August 2016. The game master also has shiny sprites for about every single Pokémon. And the Game Master also has lots of Pokémon who aren’t released yet. So honestly I need more to be conviced. But tnx for the information!


It is pretty specific that they added that Pokemon. It seems they only added forms for the event and the Shadow form.


Did they added it or did they just change it back to non transferable? I read it as a change, not as an addition. Probably it has something to do with Darkrai being made transferrable.


Agree, but why change it if you have no plan soon and enough mess to fix?


Good question, which would fit for every other company then Niantic.


Got a Dual Catchmon and got pretty excited when it seemed to work as advertised for my alternate account running on a Galaxy S-9. Attempts to add my Galaxy S-7 failed repeatedly, even when I removed the S-9 to get into single-phone mode. Backed everything out to initial, pre-install mode (no bluetooth devices or anything) and the S-7 still failed to connect.

No documentation but a quick-reference card that’s pretty good for setup, but totally inadequate for troubleshooting. And the few online videos were far from helpful.

Caveat emptor, I reckon.

Update: Lest I leave an excessively gloomy impression of the product… My issues seemed to be isolated to the S-7 phone, as it failed to connect even when nothing else was connected and even after everything had been rebooted. The device seemed to work fine with the S-9, and when I can I will test to verify that it will work with the S-9 and a different second phone.

I am hoping that the fix for the connection issues being reported since Oct 5 will wind up making my S-7 connection problems go away, too. But for now the Dual Catchmon seems to be just an overpriced Solo Catchmon.


Did my second ever EX Raid today! :smiley:


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How did it go?


Caught the Mewtwo.


Adventure sync nearby is back.


Cool. Just turned it on.


Somebody liked me on a thread that just got closed. Both youngest kids just got first report cards. Both all A’s and 1 B. In math. The 1 section I can’t really help with.


Hehe that’s me. I was also liked in the same thread. :rofl: