Lets talk - (anything)




Sup yall


Just finished catching up from the days stuck in conference and fixin’ to chase an hour of raids somewhere. W’sup around Gonzales?

Any idea how we’re supposed to get our mitts on one of those November 2 passes that @MrHeineken88 and @Autofan1985 described? The mystery is somewhat tantalizing…


I’m glad November 2, is a Saturday, so I’m all in.


Gonzales sucks right now We have our annual festival going on so there’s a lot of out of towners But pass you talking about


Check out the posts from 3 days ago on this lets-talk thread. (Just scroll up 5 or 6 screens)


Giovanni is coming. (Let’s discuss this in that thread)


Maybe that pass is for Regigigas, similar to ex raid pass, pure guess only.


That I have seen being mentioned a lot and makes sense. I hope so that I’m not working that day.


This is new.


Yes since 0.157.0. Also the screen when you give a potion or a revive is back to the old.


I need to battle


Just got free – one battle challenge heading your way now…

[ten minutes gone] What passed – the desire to battle or the window of opportunity?

Aardvarkalo the Insane calls you out . . . take yer pick: Fight me now or open my gift.

[second challenge expired without a response] Sorry, gotta go now. Battle later. But still, open that gift – we’re just 2 increments away from reaching besties.


Looks like Poke Genie re-rated all the Mewtwo move sets recently, and most of the earlier assessments got downgraded about half a notch.


Boaring here in the hospital waiting room. The doctors are late. Gps is not working here either. :man_shrugging:


I hate it when I’m stuck somewhere and can’t play PoGo


100% agree


Just spent 10-20 minutes on getting Smeargle when I figured out I had already caught today’s. :man_facepalming::joy:


3 years ago I downloaded Pokemon GO and opened the game for the first time.


Happy Anniversary to you, then!