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I took kids to Go Kart track in Pidgeon Fordge, Tennessee. Bunch of kids showed up all dressed as the Mario characters. It was great and I made it a point to outrace all of them.


Got it too :star_struck:


Huh, the settings are suddenly gone now… :sob:

Edit: after a restart it is back again.


I, a European dude, feels so left behind.
If I look around in my area, it already looks like a rural area compared to a village that is similar to my village in size but placed in Japan. Been in Tokyo blew my mind. Bizar numbers of gyms and stops.

Then seeing this :fearful:


This wasn’t even the center of Tokyo. There are double the stops and tripple the gyms. (Rough estimate)

This is in an other city. But in Tokyo it happens as well, the triple stop.


Yes other countries are better. More stops more gyms more trainers.

Biased much.


Who’s ready?


Washington DC, looks like that.


But it’s Tokyo and the last one I think is Kyoto.


I don’t have that new screen… :thinking:

It’s nice though :blush:


The building in the new loading screen is the Viridian city gym From the anime.(Giovanni’s gym)

Credits for this guy



Lucky raid pass? :thinking:


From what I read from the code this is more like a ticket to a global event:


Strings about a new event called “A Colossal Discovery,” an event possibly linked to the new global event ticketing system. This could refer to the massive Dynamaxed Pokémon of Sword and Shield, or Regigigas, which is the Colossal Pokémon.

string Key = “item_global_event_ticket_desc”

string Translation = “A ticket to access the “A Colossal Discovery” special event on {0} from {1} to {2} local time, wherever you are.”

Bunch of strings related to global events. Seems like the app can automatically add events to your calendars.

string Key = “live_events_shop_category_button”

string Translation = “Learn More”

string Key = “live_events_shop_category_description”

string Translation = “Join a special event”

string Key = “live_events_ticket_calendar_event_add_button”

string Translation = “Add to Calendar”

string Key = “live_events_ticket_calendar_event_add_success”

string Translation = “Event added to calendar successfully.”

string Key = “live_events_ticket_calendar_event_title”

string Translation = “Pokémon GO Event”

string Key = “live_events_ticket_ticket_calendar_event_add_fail”

string Translation = “Could not add event to calendar.”

string Key = “live_events_ticket_ticket_calendar_event_permission_denied”

string Translation = “Pokémon GO does not have calendar permissions.”

And there is an option for a badge related to this:



I’d bet it’s regigigas (the colossal Pokemon)


Seems likely indeed.


Tweeted 2 hours ago:



valor, mystic, instinct; Rockets


Just had to explain to my son that hockey has 2 halftimes.


Shiny Oddish is live!!!