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So back home again, after a 20 days Japan. Caught so many Pokemon, but just one shiny.


@Mew1 if you send me a gift I basically have won the reach level 40 challenge of me, @Jormdeworm and @bagguille
I only need you lol
But I don’t want to force a friendship level up by sending a ex raid pass lol


Wanna trade Pokemon Saturday lol


@Jormdeworm has 500 k to go I got 900 k to go. I only need 150 k extra exp tomorrow lol


It shows you are already level 40, lol


Yes but I only need that much exp to get at the 40M exp Mark lol


It’s been a while since I actually tried to do some Tier 5 Raids during the Raid Hour. Finally got some better mood, even though I was convinced I couldn’t do a single Raid. Right when I closed the front door it started raining and not a little bit too. Not that I care much about that, but I’m not sure whether my community thinks the same or not and immediately went back in (the Gyms I sometimes see someone raiding a boss on aren’t available by car).

I hope the same isn’t going to happen on October 8th because I really want to catch a Mewtwo. :pensive:


It is pouring rain here. Not even going out. Did some great raids in Japan. It got me 3 Mewtwo’s.

That and I walked enough on my crutches today. My foot hurts so it is best to stay home.


Enjoy the Giratina hour tonight and Mewtwo-makeup hour on the 8th. I can’t make either of them. (And while I won’t miss tonight’s at all, I will greatly miss the one on the 8th).


Don’t know if I can do anything on the 8th. By then I’m still waiting for my hospital appointment. Waiting lists are horrible. I torn some tendons in my heel and most likely damaged my Achilles tendon as well.

If @Jormdeworm can’t do a Mewtwo raid we need to meet up someday. I got a spare Mewtwo I can miss. Got 3. (Bonus: they are from Japan, so it will help on the trade distance badge)


Mario Kart dropped today for mobile.


Have to check it out


Mewtwo with psystrike is a really good psychic type attacker, you may plan ahead and ask around to arrange raiding on October 8th


I’m sorry to hear you are hurt that badly, hope you recover soon


Ouch. Sorry to read that happened to you.


New info, but not big enough to make a new thread:


Yeah, I caught a Ditto disguised as Numel the other day


In Tokyo you can Mario Kart on the streets. :stuck_out_tongue:


I finally got adventure sync: nearby. Now I’m waiting for a new Pokemon to appear.


New charmander hoodie is :fire: