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Looks like my final shiny rate for Mewtwo this week will be 1 for 21. Pretty close to the stated rate, but a couple of shinies fewer than I hoped to get. How have others done so far?


Seems for me it stays on 0 out of 3. But maybe I will get lucky.


I still haven’t done a Mewtwo raid.


First time I came across this…




Saw that too. The Gym was also closed from 16:00 to 16:45. Also saw a raid group doing the EX Raid. Shame there none of the 13 other Gyms had a Raid or even a timer on it, so still no Mewtwo for me. :neutral_face:


Wish I could do an exraid for once. Got a ticket once, but couldn’t be there because of my work.


Have some time september 29th 13:00 to be at Rijswijk Station?


I did have a Pass for today but I’m not in to wasting my time for a Deoxys since it’s already registered in my Dex and I usually go to Tier 5 Raids to not find anyone and leave the Raid without doing it so I spent my time searching for blue flies.


There’s got to be more to your non-attendance than that.

The pass is free, and usually enough players come to split into 2 or 3 groups by team to maximize damage bonus. The only reasons I can see not to go are schedule conflicts and a raid boss that I have too many of already. The item bonuses, alone, are usually worth going if I can (rare candy, charge TMs, stardust, etc.)


Can’t care much about a Deoxys when there are also Shiny boosted flies around🤷‍♂️


I got this almost perfect Magikarp from the research task.


This flies are so annoying to even hit the ball with due to its erratic movement


There are berries for that…


Imagine how I was doing my usual Shiny [Pokemon] hunt, and had to catch every single Yanma I found. Good thing’s I do have over 1,000 Candies now.


There were more Yanma than Berries, here. :sweat_smile: And they kept breaking out, too.


Does anyone know how the friendship damage bonus works in Raid lobbies?
Does the Damage multiplier go by the highest level of any single trainer your friends with in the lobby or does it take all levels in the lobby into account?


Nanabs seem to have little if any effect on the darting around. I had basically stopped even clicking on them months ago, and only resumed when the shiny was released. Still don’t like 'em.


Yeah, I try to catch them for stardust purpose and I have over 1400 candies now


I think it counts the highest friendship you are be friend with, it’s same as the bonus damage premier balls given at the end of the raid