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That’s hilarious.


Maybe, if you show it to the security person, they will let you enter… :nerd_face:


I got an EX Raid Pass for Sunday 22nd of September. Actually forgot those passes even exist😅. I can make it to the raid but since it’s just a Deoxys I’m not sure if I should even try.


When your birthday @5GodLink


Going to miss CD today due to 1. forgetting it was on today and 2. Dr stuffing medication up for bad infection on Friday after tooth was pulled 5 days ago and only being able to get a new apt today (Sunday) forgetting it was during CD time.


I think I am going to miss it as well i work over night I get off at 7am then come back at 7pm dont think I want to stay up


Tuesday. But mewtwo Wednesday


It’s during football!

I’m going to step out long enough to get one. That’s all I need this time.


I’ll be meeting @Autofan1985 today for a Lucky trade


How old you going to be @5GodLink


To old


Celebrating the Japanese National Holiday “The day of the aged”?


Never heard of that before.


So Ash is finally champion.

Spoiler for the Pokémon series


I read this! :open_mouth:


Today’s the day…


Not interested, I can also catch an Alien Mewtwo in my home city.


Pokemon go has been nice to me today (and funny)
Excadrill and Shiny Cyndaquil
While in woodwork class, I opened pokemon go, I clicked a few things, and then this happened.


How the raid on area 51 go


I was busy raiding my schools computer lab lmao