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Sometimes. But mostly I just take the ones along my route. Back and forth.


Just hit lv 40 when I logged in


Unfortunately your strategy won’t work for the situation @Branebs wants to change, since the gym already belongs to his team; it just doesn’t have a place for him to have a Pokémon among the defenders.

Weren’t defenders, once upon a time, subject to being returned to their trainer’s bag if their motivation value fell enough? (Like if it sent several “needs a treat” messages without getting fed a berry?)


That’s something worth crowing about. Congratulations!


I don’t care if my Pokémon rot in gyms. Luckily I have enough around and enough active players where it’s not really an issue.


About time! What took you so long?


I would be in favor of having defenders need at least occasional attention to stay in a gym. (That abandoning a defender would lead to it eventually abandoning the gym and returning to its trainer’s storage.)

That would reward players who paid attention to their defenders. And it would allow new defenders of the same team to have a turn in these situations.

On the other hand, it would risk whole swath of uncolored gyms wherever people weren’t playing the game any more, making it too obvious when the game lost popularity.


I’m still berrying stranded ones until I reach gold status in those gyms


Welcome to the club! :1st_place_medal::trophy::crown:


Yup took me a lil more then a year started Feb 1 2018


Well, as we talked before starting the race: Congratulations… I’m still far away to reach the finish line.


What is this? It looks like a Turtwig but I have Turtwig registered.


Shadow Turtwig created bug in game.


Same here. But the strange thing is that the Turtwig is not at a Rocket stop.


Yeah, this happened to me too


It doesn’t seem to matter which evolution level (turtwig, grottle, or torterra) or where it is, the game seems to have forgotten whether we’d seen one or got it yet when rendering the sprites.

Anybody noticed yet whether catching one will re-add it to the dex and make the sprite render in detail again, or whether the turtwig is persistently broken in that regard? I haven’t caught a turtwig since this broke to test that, and I don’t want to waste 50 candies on evolving one to test it for grottle.


It will probably be fixed soon. There was a press release about it. Can’t find anymore, because it was on a news feed and I didn’t read the whole article.


I caught a Turtwig and it disappeared from nearby like usual, nothing different happened


This is a very interesting article about Pokemon GO and it reveals some secrets and plans for the game.


Caught a Turtwig and it fixed it.