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Take a look what a nice 0km egg I have…

Let’s see how many km I need for to hatch it.


0, probably a few seconds after this screenshot it will hatch. This is mostly shown right before the hatch-animation will appear.


Shurely you are right, the next time I have looked the egg had disappeared, but I had no animation…


That happens sometimes check you resent pokemon


If you are friends with me open your presents. I was able to get through entire list of friends today because all stops and gyms give out presents because of 7 km egg bonus.


I did


Ok I will


Beware of taking a photo of one of your pokemon if your situation calls for silence. Even if you have set your phone to mute with no vibrations, and even if you have set the game to have no music and no sound effects, the game will generate “success” tones through the speaker when you hit the button to snap the pic.

Only by turning down media volume to 0 before muting can you hope for the game to stay silent.

(This is on a Galaxy S9+ with android. I don’t know if it does the same obnoxious thing on iPhone.)


On iPhone you can turn all sounds off (except when you start using the microphone function and find my iPhone)


I used 4 charged TMs (that were hard to get) on my Shadow claw Gengar to get Shadow ball, but I couldn’t because it gave me duplicate moves. :rage: Why is this so broken?


This always happened, it’s even worse for Pokémon with 4 charge moves


If you call that worse: try Mew. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess this is the same bug as lately with Turtwig?


Shadow Lapras


It’s a little bit boring to see errors repetitive…


Time for some new errors? :rofl:

It usually doesn’t take Niantic long to create them. :man_facepalming:


Hahahaha, yessss. I’m programmer, and normally before introducing new features to a program I have tried allways to eliminate the known bugs… :sweat_smile:


Send your job application as Bug-buster to Niantic :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s worsT :stuck_out_tongue:


two YouTubers of my country are arrested for trespassing on area 51