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:thinking: It sounds like a problem in search of a creative solution. Clearly valor alone will be incapable of solving it, and if you haven’t an instinct for that kind of problem solving, then maybe a mystical source of assistance can be found.

(not trying to be a wise ass or come off as humorous – just trying to have fun with a ridiculous situation. It sounds almost too contrived not to be a cheap sting op by Niantic, and it doesn’t seem to be worth the bother)


Wow, I predicted so many things.

Niantic is using Unown to lure more players to their local events. But eventually they’ll have to release Unown to all the players.

There should be a Smeargle event and regionals event

and Lugia and Ho-Oh as research breakthrough rewards.


I was so right!


Well, damn, with the evidence of your mystical powers, why did you ever identify as valor?




My instinct told me to join Valor.


did you ever see that episode?


Nice one.


No, I never really got into Star Trek.


Schade. That image evokes a strong sense of having seen it, though not with enough specificity to recall which episode it was.


Hey guys I’m back


Where have you been?


If I just want a certain gym, I just take it. I’ve outlasted numerous people that try to take over my local gyms. I just take them back before and after work. They get tired of it eventually.


just not having a device that is working for some reason all my things were not working
i was also moving


Same works for when I’m Golding new ones.
If they remove me after short a short period I’m straight back there asap to show that 2 can play that game. They normally relax the tactic after I’ve returned serve a few times. It’s not a chore when there’s an end goal (gold Badge). It is a chore when your already Gold and there’s no real purpose for it.


If I’m already Gold I leave trash there. Getting rid of extra Meltan now. Next will be Bulbasaur.


Have not been battling gyms for several days because it’s too hot to stay in car for a while even with AC being on


I couldn’t stand not taking gyms. I have 1 I can see from my house and if it’s not blue, it irks me.


I have one I can see from my house, it’s now always yellow, guess that player is same as you, @bobbyjack8, always want the gym to be of his/her team color


@bobbyjack8 do you ever go back and take the Gym back while they still happen to be there?