Lets talk - (anything)



Kinda the only way to communicate


If it wasn’t for a single random dude,watching me take down a gym and know I was playing Pokémon Go, I would never have been on Discord, and would never get a Legendary except for ones on Research Rewards.


Anyone gonna see dragon ball super : Broly?

It did good in japan


I’m going to


By buddy at work is into DragonBall, but I never followed it. I’m surprised that 18 years later, I’m watching Pokémon cartoons with my kids that came on Armed Forces Network while I was in Okinawa. That I thought was stupid even though my roommate had a Furby. How little did I know back then?


it’s suppose to be a very good movie.


The Mewtwo Strikes Back Movie is getting remade in computer animation.


Everybody had a Furby back in the day


We taught Furby to cuss really bad.


Naw that’s bad ass a friend of mine had a parrot that would cat call to women


I did stuff back then that I’d be embarrassed if my kids found out. Wife too! She (aledddgly did nothing wrong ever) but I think it’s bullpoop. We have agreement that our kids can’t ever get away with doing something bad, because I’ll catch them because I’ve probably already done it.


That’s when kids get more slicker.


We did a lot of dumb things the only difference is we live in a small town so when the cops called you it would be in the paper the next day no matter what it was I had a friend get caught with a girl doing something on a roof and it was in the paper I’ve done some messed up things but my wife has done way worse than me she was actually banned from our town and had to finish school in San Antonio


I believe their doing that for drink and driving or smoking weed and driving in my province now. Well not newspaper but actually on a police website for anyone to see.
Pretty embarrassing to get banned from a town. Legit banned? lol wow


Yeah she got into a fight in school and took it way too far


Luckily my kids haven’t done anything close to as stupid I did in school, but they are still in Elemantry and intermediate school. I didn’t do anything really stupid until Middle school.


My older brother was in the paper for a lot of them things by fifth grade nothing to brag about


That was the big deal with my wife. The kids can’t get away with anything because ive already done it. She is weary because she is Ms. Goody Two Shoes.


They’ll find a way to get away with something kids always do my brother did everything before we did we still got away with a lot and I think it’s kind of good for kids to try stuff like that I might be wrong about that though I don’t have kids and in our relationship I’m the good with my wife is the crazy one in the past 2 years she has been in about four fights


If only my parents knew what I got away with. I’d have gotten 3 times the beating I did. It’s not really fair because my kids know I won’t beat them, so they don’t care.