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I just wish games like this would be wifi free/data free because I don’t have a data plan so I can’t catch em all that sux can’t even visit the gyms so I’m missing out on most of the game




@alex9945 do you play clash royale


850 now
And it is not really super pro real pros have things like power 9 brawlers which are OP


No but I’ve heard of it


I had school I’m gonna stay at 700 or whatever I have for a week now


I like the new clothes in pogo because they look relly good, don’t cost much coins but you mostly have to play pvp to get them


Do you have to PVP in all the leagues to get them?


Don’t think so


You do. You need gold badge for each league and ace trainer to have everything unlocked. Some pieces unlock at silver.


Aw. Crud. I don’t really play the lower leagues. :frowning:


PM me for a hint that may help you.


Send me the hint


I only have time for one game, and PoGo is what I chose.

On a separate topic –
A month of post-op rehab (beginning in 2 weeks) will give me nothing but time and no access to pokestops or gyms… so my daily streaks will end. Wish there were a feature to tell our in-game friends that I’ll be able to resume our daily gift swaps after that.


I would go through withdrawal symptoms if I couldn’t do gym battles or at least spin spots. Do you have a good friend network, that you can at least do PvP?


Change your buddy name to let friends know something. “Gone4Months” “Offline” “pvpme-online” whatever fits and is a good description.


Yes because if you can at least PvP your Ultra Friends each day that will still count towards Best Friends.


@vorgriff3, I’m sorry to hear that you undergo operation, on top of what @5GodLink and @bobbyjack8 suggest, I’m not sure how the spawns are in your house, you may buy some (30ish) incense in advance and pop one each day so that you can keep your catch streak alive, of course you need to save up lots of balls.

Gifts can give your balls too, keep opening gifts daily to restock balls supply.


Make sure your friends know your situation so they keep gifting you. A good friend network can get you over a bump in the road.


Great idea, @5GodLink.

And thanks to the rest of you for the thought of using gifts for a supply. I’ll give that a try.