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That’s true no one spank their kids no more my wife’s little brother is 14 and acts like a total ass because he’s never been spanked and knows he will not so he gets away with everything possible


The worlds becoming very fragile.


I believe it’s just because we’re trying to baby everybody now you can’t say this you can’t say that you can’t assume someone’s a boy or girl it’s just all messed up now


Honestly. :man_facepalming:t4:


If you met the environment and yeah we’re destroying it


My kids aren’t that bad. My wife will still beat them. I just can’t do it and she knows that. She even has permission from my ex-wife to beat her stepdaughter. My ex-wife can’t handle our daughter now and she has given my wife open season to do so.


im watching top 10 scary stories that are real on youtube.


That’s kind of cool can’t watch that stuff out here when you’re by yourself in the middle of nowheres any little noise makes you jump and then when you see mountain lion tracks everywhere you get scared


had to load all this into a trailer to hide it owner told me he thinks somebody was going to steal it


I tried to take pictures, but it didn’t work out well. My dogs both sleeping on either side of me is awesome.


That’s cool my little Chihuahua used to sleep beside me now my cat sleeps on my back every night


i toss and turn so when my dog would sleep on the bed i would kick him off. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::cry:


When I toss and turn a lot my cat will bite me to wake me up cuz I woke him up


i might get a cat.


I recommend them we have three and each one has its own personality one acts like a old lady one acts like a fat ass and tries to eat everything in sight and my male is just wild as all hell he always tries to challenge me for dominance in the house he’s the one that’s in my profile picture sometimes but I recommend cats they are good or depending on where you live chickens are awesome


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My dogs think they are cats, but when they see other dogs or cats, they go back to acting like dogs. Even if they see dog on TV, they have to bark at it.


We had a cat that would attack anyone we came in the yard

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Which ones would you be for Eevee Evolution day?


The problem with this is more than 9 people might want to join