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Still not fully recovered. So tomorrow a new test to see if it’s that nasty coronavirus or a nasty case of some common cold virus. The thing is that how that coronavirus behaves with me a not typical. On the 3th I had a blood test for health issues after the 1st time I was infected. That already indicated that I had an ongoing infection(Not feeling sick or something at that point) And as I said before, on the 17th I still tested positive.


I don’t know put the 12 topic challenges but I hope you get better bro

Finally corona free!!!


Good to hear.


Great news!

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Can someone post a picture or a comment in this thread? Color Themes Gyms
I want to post something, but I can’t because there’s a limit of 3 consecutive posts.

that’s strange, there shouldn’t be a limit. I’ll look at it.

Yeah, I can’t post anymore photobombs

That is strange. I have never heard of that limit before. I’m looking into it but at this point there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do. Can anyone try posting four times in a row in this topic?

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Might be a new feature

Since they redid the forums

So I’ll try to post four

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https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-2-2-0-beta5-release-notes/103097 last part explains it. @Brobraam, could you try reaching @apavlinovic again? Also the forum needs to be updated again I see.


Here’s the message you get.

Oof. Maybe well-intentioned; but it comes across as kind of obnoxious.

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I’ll contact him

Also can you make it so on topics you normally post photos, can there be an option to resize them? Currently that’s only an option for me on photobomb topic.

That is odd. Should be either everywhere or nowhere.

Although, sometimes, my phone gives that option, and other times it doesn’t.
But I don’t think that resizing pictures is not something discourse offers.

Update now, please recheck the problems

image uploads seem to be working as well