Color Themes Gyms


Surprisingly this “powerful” yellow themes gym lasted for almost two days


And strange enough, no Pikachu inside there… :grinning:


Its supposed to be at least mildly powerful of course he isnt there


I said it, because I thought it’s dificult to find 6 yellows, without using Pikachu, not because of his incredible strength… :rofl::rofl:


Oh man! I participated on a Pink Themed a couple weeks ago!! Wish I had the print of it.


Yeah, shurely it would be nice.


Here comes a Yellow-Pink in this moment in my neighbourhood.
Looks a little bit like a Birthdaycake.


Surpringly we had 2 yellow gyms going at the same time


And there he is… Pikachu :joy::joy:


It’s probably impossible to do 2 random yellow theme gyms without the little electric mouse. :joy:


I have 14 gyms on sight, but all others are completely mixed up.


There was a incomplete pink gym a while back, but it was taken down pretty quickly


Red, red, red!


and Flareon is the birthday candle! Genius!


We do shiny gyms locally. Often we do gyms where they all share a type (like Dragon or Rock).
Usually there’s no coordination but local county players know it’s fun to follow a theme for the giggles and screenshots and do it.
We had a SHINY Eeveelution gym stay up downtown for days, my husband and I put his shiny Espeon and my shiny Umbreon. my friend Haley and her gal pal added Vappy and Jolty and they tagged someone to add Flareon and Eevee. It was BEAUTIFUL and Valor!



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