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¡Muchas gracias!


Haha, de nada


literal translation: one million people must stay inside after explosion in Spanish chemical factory

@bagguille you all right?


Oh yes, it’s quite far away. Tarragona is in Catalonia, and I live in Valencia, some 220 km away from here.

In any case, thanks for asking.


Luckily it’s quite far away from my vacation location (also Catalonia) as well.


You should visit @bagguille then lol


My next three holiday destinations are not near anyone from the gohub lol


@bagguille is on the other side of Spain. :joy: I’ll be even above Barcelona, in L’Estartit.


Nevermind then


I thought it wasn’t in the wild…


Sadly it Spawned for just 15 minutes, before I reached the stop.


It is. I saw one in the wild, too.


Hatched one



My phone just got a Pokémon Go notification saying “This weekend only” Latios and Latias raids, check in-game news for details.

Thankfully the details are correct, because the notification certainly is not. THIS weekend only is the Piplup Community Day. NEXT weekend is the Latios and Latias raid event, according to the other announcements.


Finally got a good one. And just in time, because Community Day starts in less than an hour for me.


I had 2 Community Days: one was yesterday in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and the other today in Pokemon GO. The experience is different, but I like both CDs.


Saw this decapitated ‘chu in town market square this morning…




Almost even Hanna-Barberic.


Love Hanna-Barbaric cartoons