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Indeed. Otherwise we’ll be mired in alternative naming schemes… Like why not United Statesese? Or Japanian? Or …


Never seen this map before…


Is that what our planet looks like from the South Pole?


Haha, no. If you read the little texts, it’s the world of Pokémon. Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn and a lot of more I’ve never heard of.




And there are 20 regions… will we have 20 generations???
Making more or less rows there are:
Inridia; Orre; Arion; Icolena; Oblivia; Kalos; Avisol; Almia; New Kalos; Omas; Johto; Kanto; Hoenn; Iro; Unova; Sevii Islands; Sinnoh; Gema; Fiore; Orange Islands


I thought we only had 8 generations of Pokémon (or maybe 9), but each corresponded with a real world location.


8 generations, but we have plenty of regions from spin-offs and remakes, such as Sevii, Orange, Almia


So shouldn’t the Pokémon world look like ours’?


There are several designs, which is equal in all of them is the inside structure of each region.
In the beginning Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Hoenn were parts of the japanese islands. Alola was put in Hawaii, Galdar the eigths is a bit like England… the one I have shown is just a different design of the world.


No, the regions are “based off” of real regions, but the Pokemon world looks very different from ours.


Which is the feature Pokémon for the January 19 Community Day? I saw an official announcement of the date and time, but nothing else…


It is likely Piplup. Not sure why Niantic doesn’t reveal it.


Thanks for the prediction.

My quandry is that I can’t make the 1st half (work duties) and the amount of effort I’ll expend to making the 2nd half depends on how desirable the Pokémon is.


Finally exterminated my 300th baby rat-a-tat :smirk:


It’s been more than 2 weeks since I posted here. I’ve been enjoying holidays and playing Pokemon GO and just reading others’ posts here and giving likes. I’ve bought a new phone Sony Xperia 1 and now I can play the game more easily and I finally have AR+! Also I have more space on my screen so I can see more content as you’ll see from my screenshots. Now that I have a new phone I can finally start playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. I kept my old phone and I created a new account for Pokemon GO so that I don’t have to wait for others to trade and battle and to beat some raid bosses solo that I couldn’t before. I wish everyone all the best in 2020!


Looks like new Pokémon are released.


I’ve got to admit the shiny Heatran is a little disappointing. The promo image I saw a couple of weeks ago showed the red color in the body as quite bright – almost glowing. (That would have made it one of the few shinies that actually looks like a shiny version of the normal.) The reality looks virtually the same as the normal Heatran, but with purple in the eyes.

I still want it. But it’s a bit of a letdown. (Almost as big a letdown as not having gotten one, yet…)


I got the new hermit crab Pokémon.


I’m trying to find something that demonstrates what the battle screen looks like when you have two charge moves. The process of GETTING a second charge move is straightforward enough. But the process of battling with multiple charge moves seems much harder to find.

Alternately, if I can’t find something to explain what it looks like to battle when you have 2 charge moves or how to use one move or the other, then maybe I can learn how it works by trial and error. But I don’t recall which Pokémon I accidentally gave a second charge move last year, and I’m not going to blow a ton of stardust to get another before I know how to use it. Catch-22…

Please, how do I search my Pokémon storage to find which ones have second charge moves?