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Yeah, I shouldn’t have to spin 50+ spots just to get 20 presents to give out. Last time they did this, we got a present for each spin.


Some places carrying descriptions of the holiday PoGo events refer to Cryogonal spawning to glacial lures. Is this real? Neither the glacial lure that I deployed yesterday, nor the one today brought any Cryogonals.

That’s even le . . . hold the phone… Hot diggity - one just spawned. Never mind.

Woo hoo ! One Cryogonal spawn from two lures so far – kind of like the shiny Meltans (one shiny out of 58 Meltans from 3 Mystery Boxes).


You should hold those Lures off until Saturday. Then they will last for two hours if I am not mistaken.


Yeah, there will probably be a bunch out in town.


Bet ya the 2-hour Glacial lure still spawns at most one Cryogonal… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Probably, but at least you’ll have better chances.


Who needs more than 1 of those?


Beats me. But if it’s rare, then there are probably people who want every one of 'em.

As for me, I just like to have a good quality example of each species, and being able to get more than one permits us to keep the better one.

No need for more than one Celebi, for example - but I’d like to capture another, since there’s a chance it’ll be more perfect than the one I’ve got.


I’ll be more than happy to redo the field research all over again to get better Celebi and Mew.


Naw, I’m more of a get 1 for the Pokedex type player, but lots of people I play with go all out to get best possible of each type. I could do that if I was retired and could play all day every day, but unfortunately that isn’t case and real life rears it’s ugly head. My family just got mad at me the other day because we were out looking at Christmas lights, but I had to stop and kill a gym that was there at the park.


@Jormdeworm @MrHeineken88 @Brobraam, I heard there is no more Holland in year 2020, its official name will be changed to Netherlands, is it true?


The name always was “the Netherlands”. Holland is the name of two of the twelve provinces, namely “Noord Holland” (with Amsterdam), and “Zuid Holland” (with The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam, and the place where I live)


Holland is the best part of the Netherlands. :stuck_out_tongue: Espacially South, cause North has ‘020’.


There is no more The Hague tomorrow. Not many will feel sad about it. :man_facepalming:

No seriously, politicians failed, scum sees reasons to riot, police is left to clean up the mess. :man_facepalming:


I fear for duindorp, Scheveningen and Laak. The other neighbourhoods won’t be as bad I think


I think the term “Holland” is just being removed from tourism material?


Yeah, that’s what I heard too, one province is North Holland and another is South Holland


One of my friend’s mom growing up was from Holland. I asked her why she is Dutch and not Hollish?


Why is it Dutch and not netherlandish


Then you go down the rabbit hole and have to ask to ask why we call each country something different in English that is different than what they refer to themselves in their own language. I’d prefer not to go there. Just sharing an anecdote from when I was 12.