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Love Hanna-Barbaric cartoons


I just noticed that my trainers cast well-defined shadows on the ground in the main game display now. This would be neat if the sharpness of the shadow went hand-in-hand with how much sun there is, or if every object cast a similar shadow.

Or if it came with well-defined screen locations to press for changing a Pokémon’s name. (There seem to be some very marginal improvements in THAT particular problem this week; but it’s definitely not fixed, yet.)


I notice the shadow for a while by now, but it seems to be almost always on the same side of the trainer


I would like to start a list of typical answers from Ninatic when we are asking for help or have sugestions.

Maybe this way we can identify easily answers from robot-systems.
Would help specially newbies for not waiting real reactions.

Do you think it’s worth to start a topic for this?


My cat just got his Jirachi encounter :grinning::musical_score::saxophone::drum::trumpet::guitar::violin::musical_score:


I do think it is. But just the answers, or the whole conversation? :thinking:


I think it’s more for the prefabricated answers. If we can create a list, you can see that still nobody life has read it.

Some thing like: Many thank’s for your sugestion…


Why am I seeing PokéStops like these now? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:
@celery I think I’ve sent you a Gift showing one of these odd-colored Stops. I’m curious if the Gift Photo has the wrong colors, too🧐

Edit: ah, it’s a Shiny PokéStop I think.


lol, what’s a shiny pokéstop?


Hey @Jormdeworm!
I just opened your gift from that psychedelic Pokestop.
(And it was exactly as in the picture you posted - green and pink)

I got an ultra-violet polka-dot egg (40km walk for a guaranteed ledyba), a lime green ‘min’ potion (adds 1 HP)…
and 6 invisible Master Balls!!!
Send me another one from the same place tomorrow… please :star_struck:


I’ll be there with the Raid Day today, so it isn’t a problem to send you another gift from the PokéStop, but I hope you like the Ledyba that hatches from those mystery 40km Eggs, then🤣

It also wasn’t just one Stop, but like six. :face_with_monocle:


Are any of these things (shiny pokestop, invisible master balls, min potion, etc.) in the main series games? Or is PoGo evolving in ever more divergent ways from the console games?

Players who grew up on the console game still seem able to predict many of the coming features and changes, so it seems PoGo is still close to the original…


We’re nearly a week past the March buff for TGR leaders, and I’m curious how the members of this site have experienced the new lineups?

How many more attackers did you have to max out, in order to keep them alive long enough to prevail? Which lead-off attacker is best able to burn off the sheilds for each leader? (The Heatran I used for Arlo’s Mawile had its shields toasted before it could get off its first charge move… way too slow!)


Is this stop back to normal?

I’ve read about the strange bug, but haven’t seen any follow up.


I have my Heatran faced Sierra’s Beldum, able to burn one of her two shields before her Beldum goes down


I think I’ll just have to pick one with a better move set.


Not sure.


Last time I faced Sierra, I beat with just 1 Togakiss. All 3 of her Pokémon.


How you been


How you been bro