Lets talk - (anything)



I might be able to do Entei.


I’ve been trying to talk my wife into taking my son out to do it, just so she can meet the people we play with, but she doesn’t want to.


There you go…


Eh Psyduck, you okay? :rofl:


And there we go. Thanks kindly for the confirmation.

I’m psyched that you got firm info, but not psyched that it confirmed for a time you can’t make. Is there somebody you could trust to play your phone for you, maybe Jaxxon?


That’s funny, you can post it here also.


Thanks, totally missed that.


You mean 11am-2pm instead of 9am-12pm?


I do, yes.


I know, inject a drug that’s sleep inducing (dont, that was a joke). Or use Melatonin, it makes them drowsy. Hide it in their food lol.


Haven’t heard anything yet about whether there will be another of the Wednesday Legendary dinner hours today. What’s the status of that this week? Did switching T5 bosses today nix that this time or something? Or did I just miss the announcement?


It will still happen. I think it was confirmed by niantic


My kids have been on Melatonin for years. I’m planning on taking some tonight since I don’t work tomorrow.


It didn’t happen here. A scattering of T5 raids around town between 5 and 7, but nothing unusual. I thought the raid hour was going to be every Wednesday of the summer. Oh, well. I did two of them and got 4 Mewtwos out of it.


I believe raid hour is on hold till mewtwo event done


I was hoping for a legendary dinner hour yesterday so I can find a raid it did not work out that way


Hello everyone


Sup bro how you been I see your mew2 collection has grown


We did 2 more raids today. Got 3 of the armored ones now.


Had 31 passes saved. Don’t think ill chase it much. I wanted a psystrike mewtwo not this fraud.