Lets talk - (anything)



We did 2 more raids today. Got 3 of the armored ones now.


Had 31 passes saved. Don’t think ill chase it much. I wanted a psystrike mewtwo not this fraud.


I became a professor! :man_teacher:




Thanks! :smiley:


How about less homework and more time to play Pokémon Go, Prof.Branebs?


I let my students play. They deserved it. It’s summer break now. You can play, too @vorgriff3.


I must visit my colleagues prof. Oak and prof. Willow to do some research.


:grin::+1:t5: @Branebs @Necrozmadabest @Robdebobrob @Arem1771


hands @Branebs my PokèDex I haven’t filled it completely, but I got as much as I can.


Well done @iLikeCastform! I’m so proud of you. You’re a true Pokemon trainer!


Thanks, depending how far north I go this weekend, I might be able to get my hands on a Pachirisu.


That Pokemon is very interesting. I’d like to study it. Can you send me one?


Might not be able to, but southernmost town that I can get Pachirisu is I think Cache Creek British Columbia, Canada, but the problem is that that’s about 350-400 KM North Northeast from where I live. (a four hour drive according to google maps)


No thank you.


Thank you for making me a Professor. My first act will be to create a new genus of trees called Arem so I can be a REAL Pokemon Professor. XD


Well, I am never going into the back corner of my Superstore’s underground parking lot. Looks like some teenagers were having some “fun”.


Professors, I have all the eeveelutions, a part from Sylveon, for you guys to study to fund out why Eevee can evolve into so many Pokèmon.


Are those all 100%?


No, I named them that for the screenshot lol, I wish tho