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I think the only reason @cup and I are Best Friends is because of PvP. He isn’t very good about opening gifts.


Not sure if ill study there but it feels cool that i could basically study anywhere


I open 20 a day


Are the PTC login servers down? I cant log in


Don’t know don’t have that sorry


You edited it and it’s still wrong.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s what at happens when you don’t sleep all night


I got that problem with my kids right now. They stay up all night and both want to sleep all day.


Where is the official announcement of the Entei Raid Day? I’ll reserve a few hours of Sunday for it, but not all day.

I don’t do the flash mob thing, announced at the last minute to generate surprise and stimulate energy through adrenaline. Using Discord to coordinate raids is the closest I’ll come to that.

If they don’t officially announce the date and time by midday tomorrow (Wednesday), I won’t participate – even if nothing else comes up for the time it happens.



Saw that. No times given. Not reserving all day for it. Have the event times been offically given?


4-7. That will be event times this summer. I can’t participate because I’ll be at work.


Are you making the official Niantic announcement, @bobbyjack8?


No, they haven’t announced a specific time but we can infer that those will be hours based from past and future events already announced. Don’t participate if you don’t want to.

if you do or not.


I appreciate your candor. It wasn’t that I thought my participation was something people cared about that made me say that stuff, but the thought that others might also not be thrilled to have Niantic act like they have some kind of first priority status in players’ lives.

But hey, I don’t care whether I participate or not, either. And making us wait for the info relevant to managing our schedules and plans doesn’t make me care more.


No, I’m just kidding around. I can’t do this one because I’ll be at work. But you can pretty much bet that any 3 hour event will be 4-7 until September.


You may well be right on the bet, @bobbyjack8, until they randomly decide to try a different time slot. Remember how the predictable time used to be 11 to 2…


I loved the 3-6 spot because it worked if I was stuck at work for CD. 4-7, I lose an hour of time.


Both the old times (11-14 or 11-2 & 15-18 or 3-6) were way better than the new time if in my opinion.


I’m good with new time on my days off work. But it kills me when I have to work that day.