Legendaries in gyms


They love the kids. When it’s legit players over 19 who fuel the game.

Only trainers who drive and can stay out late are the real true trainers. It’s understandable that Pokemon was for kids but truely it’s for anyone from the 90’s which are in their 20’s now. Sad how cartoons / anime don’t grow with their intended audience.

I too dislike the whole we all win bs.


Its not about kids, its about casuals and rurals that would whine if they would see a 300+ legendary in a gym


Who cares about them obviously not Niantic. If you aint got the level or power then you don’t deserve the free 50 coins or to even drop a mon.


If they are spending money on the game, niantic cares about them. It’s not a hard concept…has nothing to do with “everyone wins”


You can spend money n not be cared a bout. :joy::man_shrugging:t5:


Niantic wants you to spend money on the game. Everything is geared toward that.


Wants you to spend money on raid pass but doesnt let you use said mon to defend.

Makes cents…:joy::joy::weary::man_shrugging:t5:


It’s like that, that’s why I’m not surprised that the pvp has not been implemented so as not to "make anyone feel bad"
Exchanges are more feasible for me to implement

  • Yes let legendaries be in gyms
  • No legendaries in gym

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Wouldn’t mind droping Mew into a gym.


I mean I would like to drop a legendary in a gym, but I think some people brought up some valid points. Also I think that’s short sighted/narrow minded to say that only adults are “true trainers” or that if you’re not from the 90’s pokemon isn’t really for you.


I don’t want to see a whole bunch of gyms filled up with Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, etc… that would get old fast.


It would be nice if they allow one legendary and/or Mythical per gym.


What difference would that make? Now its just Blissey, Snorlax, Slaking, TTar, Aggron


If they let you put Legendaries in to defend gyms all the other monsters would lose relevance. We would only use Legendaries for everything.


That’s the reason one legendary in a gym is a nice idea


There would have to be some limit to the use of Legendaries for defenders. Can’t have Lugia hovering over every gym in sight, that just wouldn’t make it feel Legendary.

So, I’d suggest: Each Legendary may only defend 1 gym per S2 lvl 9 cell. Which would make it hard to even be able to put it as defender, but still, occasionally, possible. Yet, it’d also still be a small enough area to encourage the die-hards to drive around and take out Legendaries from medium-distant gyms (go out and explore!), so they can put them on their own local gyms.


Nice idea. A few things tough:

  • A level 9 cell is pretty big. If i put it over my house it includes 4 or 5 other citys/towns.
  • Im not sure how easy this is to implement. Sure PoGO does alot with S2 cells but it is an entirely new method of controlling (blocking) something. Gyms already have a limit that you cant 2 of the same pokemon in them. Its probably MUCH easier to program a restriction of 1 legendary per gym.


Yup, I purposely picked the level 9 cell instead of the level 10, so it would generally include a couple more towns, or, in the case of metropoles, reach all the way to the other side of the city. Which means, if people are dead set on putting a specific Legenadary as a defender, they’d have to remove it elsewhere first. Or, alternatively, cooperate with others to remove it elsewhere for them.

Only a few Legendaries would make really good defenders that could somewhat compete with the likes of Blissey and Snorlax. So after a while, gym defense would naturally gravitate to those, and in many areas, you’d quickly end up with every gym filled up with Blissey - Latias - Snorlax - Lugia - Vaporeon - Chansey.

Having a limitation that makes placing a legendary less common, will make people happily take the opportunity to place a less ideal Legendary, just to show what they have, keeping gyms somewhat varied. And keeping the defenders varied in turn makes it possible to feed those legendaries that you’d like to get some candy for.


Maybe 1 legendary per gym maybe 2.