Legendaries in gyms


This. Most Legendaries would be complete pushovers as gym defenders.
Not to mention, their CP is generally well over 2,000, which means they’d degrade very fast, and would probably be removed after a single fight within 4 hours. Unless you put it on a constant golden razz infuse.


Please let us put them in gyms! 8 hours and they degrade to regular weak strength, problem solves itself. The thing with gyms now is you want one to fall everyday so you can collect 50 coins. The only other time anyone wants long gym control is when they are building the gym status to gold. Legendaries in gyms!


8? anything above 3000CP goes in 4 hours…


Wow, i guess i used the max coin collect time to gauge it. 4 hours is crazy! There is No reason for legendaries to be excluded out of gyms then!


It is necessary to include the legendary pokemon to raise the game to another level.
The benefits would be:
Take advantage of the full potential of the legendary (def)
Have more variety when choosing a defender
That the combats are a real challenge, because currently there are only a couple of good defenders and nothing else (Blissey, Snorlax)


Does it really matter? If someone wants to take the gym they will, no matter what’s in it, nearly all players above 25 can defeat any gym no matter what’s in it


Thats the point, so why not at least let us use some Pokemon to their full potential


I have 41 stronger Pokemon than my strongest weather boosted Legendary.


Better than Articuno, Lugia, Regirock and company? I do not think so…


Weve been trough this already lately :wink:


:eyes:lol kinda hard to find old topics i guess


more variety in defenders? every gym will be stuffed with 6 legendaries. That is no variety

And depending on where you live/play taking over gyms can become a real pain. In my city people are mass golden razzing gyms they want to keep with 3k blissyes and snorlax’. Imagine having multiple pokemon over 4k cp in gyms.
Legendaries could use more funcionality, but putting them in gyms? I dunno… (perhaps a nerf to golden razzing gyms?)


No, most legends are horrible defenders
But Lugia and Golems’ only use would be as a defender
Lugia is otherwise worthless


Horrible defender or not, beating a gym with 6 legendaries and high CP will become a no go if the defenders decide to golden razz. It already is hard to take over gyms when people do that on blisseys and snorlax’.

A more recent example i had:
A gym with 6 defenders, the obvious blissey and snorlax up front. My GF and i want to take it over. When in kill range: golden razzed. We decide to focus on blissey alone and jump out of battle after her and restart. Since you can berry the same pokemon 10 times (per account!) per 30 minutes it meant that we had to force a golden berry every 3 minutes. Blissey with 2 players and good counter mons is easy, but forcing a berry feed every 3 minuites, with loadingscreens, quiting and starting a new fight is practically impossible. More so because half my city has multiple accounts in gyms so they can berry with more accounts at once. Only time you’ll win is if they don’t want to spend more berries.

Now change the scenario to a 6 legendary gym, 4k cp mons. GL & HF…


And? The same exact thing can happen with a Pidgey, that is not an argument
Legendaries like Lugia need a use, and since you can already use them for attacking, why not just let us to put them in the damn gyms?


I support at least one legendary in a gym. I’m someone that loves battling and misses the challenge of the old system, but I understand wanting to take the gym meta to a more accessible place for all players. Blissey lugiA lax ho-oh is already a powerful lineup in a gym, definitely still doable but also challenging enough to enjoy imo.


Legendaries would have a too fast decay, especially high-IV ones


Exact! It would not be impossible to beat 6 legendary players in a fight for a strong coach. Maybe it would be harder … but it would be better than what we have now.


Also, why not let high-level players demonstrate their strength through their legendary pokemon. This system that uses pokemon go in which “we are all winners” and no competition is already boring.


There is no reason not to let Legendaries defend gyms. As long as you can’t put more than one type in and motivation still drops, anything is beatable.