Legendaries in gyms


My solution would be to limit it to 1 legendary allowed per gym. That way we won’t see a team of 6 maxed out legendaries.


You could still see a team of a maxed Lugia, Blissey, Snorlax, Metagross, Dragonite and Tyranitar


It aint fun if the homies can’t drop some.


Suicune has no place in this game if legendaries aren’t allowed in gyms. The other legendaries aren’t unbeatable and even if someone throws a 4000 groudon or kyogre, the decay rate would be so fast they would become beatable for the lower levels very quickly

  • we are used to killing them
    For example, most people boosted their Golems when the birds came, and now they could use him again


I wouldn’t mind fighting Mewtwo at gyms. But damn ill forsure love fighting all legendaries even the Dogs and birds…we well i tend to forget about them.

New legendary always overshadow the old. the ability to drop them in the gym destroys the shadow.

Follow the light Niantic!!


I think like in the actual games, only certain Legendarys should be allowed, like the birds, the dogs, but not Mewtwo. What they should do is make a daily Legendary pass so you can only put a Legendary in a gym if you use a pass. On top of that, I’d also limit it to one legendary per gym. And why not also make it so you have to be level 35 plus, it would give another use for level. I think the only way legends in gyms could work is if they heavily limit it, so that every gym isnt just a bunch of Mewtwos


With the current gym-rules, multiple Mewtos would already not be possible.


I just mean every gym you see having Mewtwo


Again, Mewtwo wouldnt be a problem and neither would be the rest of the legendaries
Since you can use them in battles, its only fair to be able to battle them as well
In the games, you cant use them in battle facilities and online, but neither can the AI or other players


Other than catching legendaries and them being “Legendary”

They are pretty much Trophies and hard hitting attackers(some)

Give them some more shine.


It would also be cool to battle a Hidden Power Suicune


Actually, in the games the birds and dogs are allowed but not Mewtwo when it comes to online and battle facilities, thats where I was coming from


But you can use Mewtwo for attacking in go, thats what I meant


Pokemon Go doesn’t have those things


I never said the game had any of these things, read the whole thread


You didn’t, but I doubt they’ll do it for specific Ledgendaries


I think the reason that they’re not allowing lengendaries in gyms is because that’s ALL we would see in gyms if it were enabled. Same reason that they’re banned in competitive play-they’re just too OP and overused to be taking over gyms. But maybe they should at least allow ONE legendary per gym. I think that would be reasonable. (They would just lose their motivation super quickly anyways)


No, maybe for the first week, but after that only Lugia (and maybe Groudon and Kyogre) would be used, with an occasional Mewtwo to show off

And it’s only logical that if you can use them for attacking, you should also be able to use them for defending


They aren’t even that strong