Legendaries in gyms


Should this be allowed? Majority have atleast 5+ legendaries. Would it be best to allow them in gyms to defend?

Legendary in gyms
Legendary in gyms
Multiple Quick/Charge moves

Yes. They wouldn’t be too difficult to beat, it’d add new pokémon into the gym cycle, Besides, then Legendaries with bad attack but good defense or stamina will have good use.


I agree. Don’t understand why they don’t allow them. We as trainers workerd harder for legendaries. I don’t even power legendaries (except mewtwo) UP. Their pointless good attackers yes but not worth rare candies unless you just got stock like that. IF they were allowed in gyms then…i would change my mindset of powering them up


Well, there are those people who do dozens of a legendary’s raid, and get plenty of candy.


like i said unless you got stock their pointless. They are trophies. Not even Pokemon.


Might even give a nice change from all the Blisseys, Dragonites, Blisseys, Tyranitars and Blisseys.
In case developers are worried that Legendaries are too difficult to take down: they’re already flagged as Legendaries anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make them degrade a little faster instead of locking them out from gyms altogether.

Who knows? Seeing all those Legendaries flying above the gyms might encourage some people to start raiding as well?!


I think it would be a welcome change. If you work to obtain any Pokemon you should be able to show it off in a gym, plus it’s not like the legendaries are any good at defending (Lugia’s alright)


They must be using anime logic. 1 Legendary in the world and cannot be used by gym leaders(not including a few trainers who actually used legendaries)

I would love seeing legendaries in gyms to actually battle against


I would defenitly want this. I still have a few dozen Kyogre and Groudong waiting for a double candy event before i want to transfer them. Untill then they are just a waste of space.
Sure they could have high CP, but a 4000+ Groudon would drain so fast ti would need only 1 defeat after just 2 hours or so, so the problem would solve itself.
Not to mention they are easy to counter. If you have a raid team specially made for raiding them, you can easilly defeat them in a gym.


I agree that legendaries in gyms would be fun, but I see a few obstacles to making it possible. First, their size, many legendaries are larger than steelix, and if you have a gym with Lugia, Ho-oh, Kyogre, Groudon, wailord, and steelix, half the Pokémon would be outside the gym. Secondly, in the current meta there are only a few Pokemon you have to worry about, and there are feasibly gyms that would be unbeatable even to high level trainers, think blissey and snorlax combined with Lugia and ho-oh, although not necessarily lay a bad thing, but it’s something I think Niantic would prefer to avoid.


Didnt they fix pokemon sizes? No matter its an easy fix.


They fixed wailord’s size to make it smaller, but they’d have to shrink it a lot more as well as number of other Pokémon which would make them all muck less impressive looking


They shrank Kyogre i believe. Regardless i wouldn’t mind fightinf a huge Mon. Already do that in raid with their mass CP.


“A Pokémon, even if it’s revered as a deity, is still just a Pokémon”
I agree with Ghetsis on this one, legendaries are beatable, and as it was mentioned here, people are already used to raiding them and have powered-up their counters to massacre them in Raids, so beating them in Gyms (especially with tr CP decay) wont be a problem
Besides, it will give us some variety, and a Blissey is still worse than either of those (maybe bar Lugia)


Even the God of Pokemon can be captured. Imagine seeing Arceus in gyms. Epic. ( long wait for that don’t hold our breathes huh​:sleeping::joy:)

I do hope some developers look at some of the topics on here


To adress the size issues:
They actually all are smaller than steelix. Steelix towers at 9 meters, while groudon reaches only 3.5 and kyogre gets in 4.5 (tough i think thats width instead of hight :p). Comparing a bit further: Dragonite, Ttar and Rhydon all are arround 2 meters. Lugia and Ho-oh 5 and 3 respectively. Wailord gets 14 meters in (tough that doesnt seem correct either).

So yes, they are a bit larger on average but far from the seizes you describe. I think it could all fit pretty well.

And as i said: They are raid bosses, so you have a team against them already.
Groudon and Ho-oh go down by the armys of Vaporeon, Gyarados and Kyogre itself.
Kyogre dies from Jolteon or Raikou and zapdos.
Pretty much every legendary bird gets damaged by that same Jolteon, zapdos and raikou, in addition to a stone hedge Tyranitar or golems.
Rayquaza bites it on dragonite…

I dont see a big problem in countering them.
Ofcourse its hard to beat a gym occupied by high level legendary defenders whilst being fed with golden berrys, but i think the same could be said now about a gym filled with blissey, snorlax, rhydon and what else more.

I would welcome the change. The only confusing thing would be that you see a Kyogre sitting on a gym and it turns out there is no raid going on.


I already get confused thinking some gyms are raid and vice versa.


I have 3. #MakeLegendRaidsEasierForRurals


*give us the quest already
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