Legendaries in gyms


No, because a Blissey is still a better defender than Mewtwo


Not true


Yes, but not better then a maxed Groudon, Kyogre or Lugia who besides a pretty good defense, have the attack stat to back it up.


Still easily beatable
Not letting then in makes no sense, some defenders are miles better than others anyways, and things like Lugia have literally zero use


the show features an articuno in an official johto league gym so I think they should allow it


Friend this must be on twitter. :thinking::crossed_fingers::pray:


Someone should make this request (legendary in gyms) to @niantichelp on twitter … and use the hastagh #pokemongo to provide our support.


Who cares about the show, this is about GO


Maybe certain gyms can have legendaries and some cant.


Could be a opportunity for 40+ exclusive gyms? Or maybe a level 40 league section in gyms? That way everyone is happy, that hard-core who really want to show off their high power legendaries without effecting more casual players.


Also personally I don’t mind the idea (level 35, fairly casual). I think @Necrozmadabest is right that most legendaries would make terrible defenders, most only have good attack stats and with such high CP’s they would degrade at crazy rates. Golden razz can make a blissey more annoying than it could any legendary (but can anything really) and tbh it wouldn’t be too different seeing legendaries in each gym than the usual blissey snorlax ECT…




I sent it in, today. :sunglasses:


My man!


Hey, do you have a specific person you email that responds to you? Can you give his/her email address?


Everyone knows that Blissey is better than the legendaries at defending, it takes down very powerful pokemon while Groudon can be taken down by Vape and Kyogre by Jolteon.


No i dont have a specific person


What email do you use


good point.