International Trading



As long as you are Best Friends you should be able to remote trade like PvP when Ultra


PVP had it right. Why trade doesn’t is beyond me. IV is already random.


There is no point of being Lucky Friends with someone that lives in an other country.


Lucky friend is so random, Alagree with @Jormdeworm that “At least for Lucky Friends international trades should be possible”, but under certain conditions, like regionals are not allowed if they don’t want to defeat the purpose of being regionals.


Lucky friends should be able to trade with International Trade




Well, if they ever allow Lucky Friend International trades, I’m getting prepared.


Wonder trading up to thrice a day with only best friends with regionals restricted isn’t a bad idea especially with the fact you can only do one special trade a day


It has been a while since the last post here… But I wanted to add my two cents.
I voted for international trading. There are ways they could make it balanced and not too easy.

For example:

  • only for lucky friends (which means you must be best friends before, i.e. at least 90 days of interaction)
  • only one international trade a week (or you must earn a ‘international trading ticket’ or something like that which could be a rare reward in research breakthroughs etc.)
  • higher stardust cost. Maybe even multiply it by 10.
  • have the pilot medal on gold (this might be a bit too much, but hey, we want to make it really hard to get international trades!)

It would take you at least 2 weeks (if you already are best friends and are lucky with your lucky friends :rofl:) and 800k stardust just to get that two missing lake trio members. Doesn’t sound too great of a deal, right? Those who are really really keen on completing their Pokédex will try to do it. All others won’t bother.

I would not restrict trading of regionals in this case, though.


Love that idea. It would really encourage people to make friends outside their community and give access to many previously unavailable Pokémon.


Send it to Niantic, who knows it helps :stuck_out_tongue:


Be nice to do some Lucky trades with you guys.


Do you want restricted regionals or no?


I dislike having regional Pokémon. It makes it very difficult for a majority of players to complete their dex. It also makes some meta relevant Pokémon hard to obtain (Heracross).

I have no issue with revolving Pokémon like lunatone and solrock but I don’t like instances like the lake trio or other regionals.

If the system allowed for best friends to do a weekly distance trade it would open up new aspects of game play and new opportunities for finish the dex without requiring travel.


New friends from all over…question…I get lots of 7km eggs…will there be anything new in the eggs that might be new to my region? Anyone know? Just curious…would be awesome since we can’t trade…


You can only get alolan pokemon. They may be new to you, but everyone can get them (from the 7k eggs) because they arent region specific


And babies


I need international trading now! I’m stuck on the trade task in the special research because no one plays here anymore. They don’t want to open the game for a quick trade :rage: I can’t finish my research. I can’t find people who play, there’s no in-game chat. Niantic, do something!


Hi I would like to trade with someone. I am looking for a Ditto