International Trading



you need to be 100m from someone


Same here. I’m so busy at the moment that I don’t even have time to meet up with @Brobraam.


I am not even in the Netherlands this week lol


im not gonna be in california from friday to the next monday (10 days) in hawaii then im coming home for a day then going to texas for 3 days where @cup lives


Cool let me know buddy so we can hang out


@Pokemon Enjoy your trip!


What if somebody offered to trade a shiny you’ve been wanting for a Silkie? (Speaking of which, are the chicks you recently got doing well? And are any of them producing yet?)


I would not trade. And that are doing good but I found out that I got 3 roosters and that’s not good trying to find a home for 2 if them


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Eu acho que deviam melhorar o sistemas de trocas como por uma especie de ¬ępokestop¬Ľ
mas que fosse para por pokemon que queremos trocar por que nos queremos dps as pessoas passavam por
la e gostassem do pokemon trocavam


Please, don’t write it again in portugues, the people here read in english…

I think they should improve the exchange systems as a kind of pokestop
but if it was for pokemon that we want to trade for what we want dps people went through
there and they liked the pokemon exchanged


You know… Depending on how they’d want to restrict it, this is not a bad idea either.

We have often had the suggestion of Pokécenters in Pokémon GO. And this might be a nice solution for two problems.
Since Team Rocket was added, my revive and potion stock is always a bit low… A Pokécenter where we could get our Pokémon healed up (maybe only one PvP or Gym/Raid team at a time, every 5 minutes?) sounds great.
The Pokécenter could then also serve as an international trading post. And here’s how this could work:

  • In addition to mark Pok√©mon as favorites, we could additionally mark them as ‚Äúpotentially tradable‚ÄĚ.
  • Using a hard earned trading ticket (PvP? Dunno‚Ķ) we enter the trading section of a Pok√©center and select up to 3 Pok√©mon wanted.
  • This selection is then matched with other open trades.
  • When you have a match, both users get a notification of a pending trade and once both have confirmed, the trade will be performed. This does not have to be done simultanously, but let‚Äôs say maybe within some days.

So I could mark Mesprit as tradable and select Uxie and Azelf as wanted. If someone anywhere on the world has submitted a trade with Mesprit wanted and a tradable Uxie, we have a match and get notified.
I still think international trading should not be too easy. Even in this scenario I’d suggest an item needed to be able to submit a trade (like the trading ticket I mentioned) and higher than usual stardust cost. Or at least the cost we have with a new friend (new legendary: 1 million stardust).

Of course we don’t want to lose Pokéstops or Gyms for our Pokécenters, so why not finally make it happen and transfer some more POIs that can be found in Ingress over to PoGo even if they are within an already occupied S2 cell…