International Trading



Give me some time😓


Just speeding up the process :joy:


I was already moving it before you posted :thinking::joy:


Wow @Jormdeworm is fast :fire:


Well on the topic, I would think international trading would be cool, but you should only be able to do like 1-5 trades a day and be at least Ultra Friends


And regionals are restricted.




Same things are banned as normal trading also


Well it makes sense why :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


it should be added when Niantic finally bans spoofers and fixes all bugs in the game…but that will never happen. I have reported cheaters many times and they never did anything, I reported one player like 5 times, gave Niantic screenshots, detailed descriptions about the player and how he cheated and he never received the ban.


Next summer we will probably get Gen 2-3 Regionals from 7km eggs like we got Gen 1 this summer.