International Trading



Eggs or trading?


Maybe quests?


There’s an Idea I can live with.


Out of curiosity how did you get all the regionals?




Cool, so you have every single regional?


Flying or walking over water? :wink:

But serious, all regionals? that is impressive


It is :star_struck:


my pokedex is completed


And forms, shiny’s, Pokémon with visual gender differences like Pikachu?
Or don’t you care about that?


i have majority of the shinies. I have all forms. Idc about genders as it does nothing, except for the ones that evolve which i do have.

Lemme just answer your question now.

I have everything in the game. All evo items, all pokeballs, all types of raid passes; normal, ex, and paid for.

This is why i can speak on all matters of this game. I am already currently done PokemonGo awaiting Gen4.

International trade would help everyone, as i would help all trainers on this Hub.
Good day gentlemen, ill be back in an hour or 2


Bye 5God


That’s very impressive. Still trying to get gen 3 regionals. But not worried about that that much. I think it’s pretty cool you want international trading to help people.


That is seriously impressive.

I, as a newbe have still a lot to catch. Since I started 10 weeks ago got about 238 caught and just some forms.

How do you keep your self entertained in the game?


I come here, and give ideas and try and shape the game.

I hunt Ex raids. Not much else to do. Except wait.


And level up :stuck_out_tongue:


I got Herracross and Corsola when I went to Jamaica last year with wife for our Anniversary.


Or they could set up trade centres in gyms/battle stations.
Just my opinion


:sweat_smile: Great idea :sunglasses:


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