Ideas for future updates that would make Pokemon Go better


I have something simular. Only my Great Balls went totally down due to the events. But actually I think I have lots of Ultra Balls because I don’t use them often😶


Me too! I think it’s because stuff like Kabuto is good enough that it has a bigger chance of breaking out of a normal ball, but not important enough to use a precious Ultra Ball on…


Some more ideas:
A new item to unlock at level 35. I don’t care what, but there should be something.

The super incubator and star piece should be in the shop at all times for level 40 players.

I think it would be cool, maybe just for a week, for all pokemon that have ever been in level 1-4 raids to return. It would make level 3 raids in particular (the soloable ones) far more interesting.

A 50km egg for legendaries, which is insanely rare. I actually would put this as a priority. It would be like getting a 10km egg was back at the start of the game. The Pokemon which hatched could have an IV spread of maybe 13-15 rather than the normal 10-15.

Generation 4 Release.
I think it would be nice for Gen 4 to release in July sometime although based on the rather extreme weather recently I’m hoping the temperature will go down a bit. The gen 4 release would bring people back and could cause the game to increase in popularity.

Here’s why.
Raids seem to have been too confusing. They were good for urban high level players but for casual and or rural players they didn’t work. Generation 2 - the game hadn’t changed enough
Generation 3 - the game had raids, but people coming back probably found the raids confusing or difficult.
Generation 4 - the game has raids and quests. Raids are great for hardcore players who want a challenge and the quest system will work just fine for casual players who don’t mind as much. Having the normal catch screen for legendaries from quests might have helped too. It means no explaining needs to be done.

I’m pretty sure it was @Yoshi who first came up with this idea but it’s a great idea. You have your team and this doesn’t change much. However, you can also have guilds. Everyone in the guild could get 0.001% of all the xp from the day added on to their total. There could be other benefits too. One guild can only have 50 people but you can set up alliances with other guilds to basically network.

New berries:
One for double stardust maybe.

New Pokeball types
I hope they add in some more from the main games. The in game descriptions could tell people about the pokeball e.g

Dusk Ball
A pokeball that helps catch Pokemon at night.

Quick Ball
A pokeball that is more likely to catch a Pokemon on the first throw.

I don’t know if there were any duplicates, because i haven’t read the original post before typing this :stuck_out_tongue: i guess it will be interesting to see if my ideas have changed


I kind of called it here too. I didn’t refer to it as quests but…


Okay, time to recap what has been fixed.
Use an apple device, not android (for AR+) No
Not be on the update where Pokemon go plus doesn’t work on Apple. Yes
Be in a big city for all the following reasons No
Better spawns
More pokestops
More spawns
More gyms
More raids
More people to do the raids
Higher likelihood of having spawns, pokestops and gyms in your home
More and better nests
Use social media (for raids) Partial
Have means of transport faster than walking (for raids) Partial
Own a Pokemon Go Plus No
Live in an area where all the local pokestops are accessible, to stop the frustrating moment when a Pokemon you want is in a pokestops in a park which is shut. (Happened with me and a Gyarados) No
Have enough people of other teams in your area to knock down the gyms. No
Have enough people in your team to keep up the gyms. No
Be on Google account and not PTC account (Google is far more stable when the servers go down) Yes
Live in the right country (because sponsored gyms get far more EX raids than non sponsored gyms) No
Have enough active players to complete raids (a bit of an overlap with 3.) No
Have a schedule that can be changed quickly and without much warning (so that if a legendary raid appears you can arrive in time) No

It is good. A lot has been fixed. The raids are also no longer the only way to get legendaries, but they are the only way to get current legendaries, so there is still a problem.


My biggest complaint is the inability to call a Pokémon home after it has been sitting in a gym for 2 days doing nothing. It’s like Pokémon jail. Gyms in populated areas get taken down often and change often, but the one by me is near a church I took the gym, and it hasn’t been challenged in 36 hours. It would also help the turnover rate for gyms in less densely populated areas. Let’s say everyone empties a gym, a random npc Pokémon could spawn in to defend that gym, of the type that is common to that area, or it could be random. The npc Pokémon could scale based on the trainers level that is attacking it. I really just don’t want to have to wait several days for my Pokémon to run out of steam when other players keep feeding it.
Maybe the item can be consumable able to be purchased from the shop, and given as a rare reward from a pokestop or winning a gym battle. Only 1 can be held at a time, or maybe like the raid pass, only 1 free one per day. Giving them out freely might cause gym abandonment problems,

there could also be a cool down period where you can’t attack a gym for so many minutes after you pull a Pokémon out.


You know what? If I put 6 mons in gyms, they could last a week and after this week they got all knocked out on the same day… They all sat 7 days for
nothing in a gym😪


And that sucks because you only got the 50 coins cap, For them coming home on the same day. If there were better rewards for holding a gym longer, even if it is just extra random items, it would make sense to want them to stay in a gym all week. But with the cap being so low for each day, there isn’t much to be gained for holding a gym, except bragging rights.


My town often sees no gym activity in all our gyms for weeks or even a month and then they all go down same day


I feel you, but 36 hours isn’t much to complain about…I had a Vaporeon that was sitting in a gym for about four months before it was taken down.


That really should get better rewards. I mean, you get the same if you defend the gym for 8hrs20…


I really hope that they soon implement a sorting system for the friends list, just like how they have for pokemon:

Friendship level
Received gifts
Sent gifts

Something like that. But most importantly, I need a sorting option for names at least. Really looking forward to this as it would be really convenient.


Well maybe when people reach the lvl that gives you ultra pokeballs. You spin the pokestop sign. You get only ultrballs never get greatballs nor pokeballs at a certain lvl. It would help. Because getting random pokeballs great balls an ultra balls. ( sounds so gay…lol god. :laughing: )

Anyways. Yeah idea is get the correct heh pokeballs at the lvl you get them at. Never get the lower pokeballs again. Except gifts. That can be random. Its a gift. Never know whatcha gonna get. ( no forest gump pun intended. )


Also, trade situation. Idea let us trade from across the world or anywhere on earth. Can trade. Hope that will be a better idea. Than close trading.


I have three ideas but I doubt one would work at all, first make it to where when your friendship is maxed with someone of your same team you can trade with them as long as their in the same state then trade with people from other teams if their within say 80 miles. Second add a mobility option where you can change from walking, jogging, running, biking, or riding in a car and make it so you have to travel a greater distance to get the same amount of steps as you would if walking for 20 minutes (reason being is a lot of people have to drive for work so they don’t really get the change to walk around to hatch eggs or those on vacation that are traveling a few states away and only walk in hotel rooms or when taking a break from their drive), this last one is the one I don’t believe that Niantic would go for ever since there is no way to prove it, make it disabled friendly unless you can’t move have it set up so the less severe the physical disability is the more you have to walk and vise versa.


Also for the mobility options make it so if someone chooses car no pokemon show on the screen and it’s the screen you get when you turn your phone upside down until they come to a complete stop.


I would like to see filters available for the friend list so that it will only show 1. People who have not had their friendship level go up that day, or 2. Only show people who you can send gifts to.


Niantic confirmed they are working on friend filtering mechanics.

Quote Mapman42

I really like the idea of @Mapman42 about the balls. (See hidden quote above).

So, what balls should be added.

  • Dusk ball
  • Heavy ball
  • Quick ball
  • Timer ball
  • Master ball

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The masterball should only be added if everyone has an equal chance of getting one and still be extreme be rare with a limit of 1 masterball in your bag.