Ideas for future updates that would make Pokemon Go better


Master Ball would be ideal to use in raids when you encounter a 100% IV raid boss.


A short wish list:

  1. Have some way to tell from outside the gym whether it’s time to spin the embedded pokestop again (maybe have some part of the gym change colors the way regular pokestops do).

  2. Stop treating IV like some sort of national secret – as with CP, give it visibility in the game and let users sort their pokemon lists by it.

  3. Waiting through countdowns for nothing when raiding is often a waste of time and can even make you a tempting target for mugging or other mischief in some neighborhoods. When you know your whole private raid party is present (esp. when attempting a solo raid), you should have the option to skip the ‘waiting for other players’ lobby and go straight to the action.

  4. Show a summary of what it took to catch a pokemon after you caught it. Not necessarily a full throw-by-throw review, but a rundown of the total counts of each kind of ball and berry. Ideally preserve this totals-summary the way it currently remembers where and when you caught each pokemon. Seeing that it took 3 ultra balls, 5 great balls, 11 pokeballs, 2 pineaps, and 7 raspberries to catch a mon is interesting and could be useful for some players. I recall it taking about 30 throws to catch my first lapras, and afterwards I wished I had kept count better to know just what it cost me.

  5. Some way to affect the odds of getting a gift-to-give from spinning pokestops. One of my biggest sources of frustration lately has been having nearly ten more friends to send gifts and then spinning over ten times without even one item being a gift to send. Even a button that would automatically assemble a gift to send out of my own on-hand items would be preferable to dragging out another hour just to find some gifts to give. The game would still decide how much to put into each gift; but I could deliberately get gifts (kind of like real world shopping) instead of wandering aimlessly, scavenging for gifts.


The thing of iv is that its secret


It’s not really a secret anymore, with stuff like IV checkers


Rotom Dex can save the world.


Can Fortnite save the world? ( Fortnite has a mode called Save the World…)


Quick ball is the best pokeball thank you Nianticrap


I think a speed potion that lasts for a certain time would be cool and a crossbow with alot of damage and alot of drop. also throwing knives


What do you mean?


It looks like he is talking about another game :man_shrugging:


Everyone is habing the same profile pic it kinfa sucks and yes I think you are right and btw it is 11 pm here


Just like the 7 day streaks for stops and catching pokemon, they need a streak for winning a level 5 raid 7 days in a row.

Rewards for doing a level 5 raid 7 days in a row would include, but not limited to:

Encounter with a random form of Unown
Rare Candy

This would give casual players a good reason to raid with a group daily using their free pass and help keen regular raiders to have enough power to defeat more level 5 bosses per day. It would also help Niantic get more money as people will no longer be limited as much in terms of how many passes they use a day.


please, no potions


I like the concept but also please no potions.
The Dust and or Rare Candy idea I like best.


I would never be able to win 7 Level 5 raids each day unless I was on a Staycation. Might try at Christmas.


Not 7 a day, 7 a week, i.e. 1 a day.


Can’t do that either. I work 12 hour shifts 60 miles away. I get to work before raids start, and don’t get home until after they end. So I only do raids on my off days.


We need Jessie, James and talking Meowth in the game!


Yeah, random points where team rocket appear, if you lose or surrender, you lose some of your rarest pokemon, if you win, you get the chance to capture some really rare pokemon.


I got plenty of Pikachu that they are more than welcome to steal.