Ideas for future updates that would make Pokemon Go better


I have an idea of something that would be good.
Pokestopa drop 50% less items than now but gove you a pokestop token like a coin so doesnt take up bag space. You could convert them into coins maybe 10:1 or you could use them for a remote pokestop spin for 2 of them. Therefore if i go spin 50 pokestops then i will be able to spin 25 more whenever i want. But i will gwt less items overall


My idea for a QoL change: trade excess candy for stardust, 1:10 dust. It gives people a reason to keep catching pidgyes, it’s not a really OP ratio (maybe 1:5 is better) and the people with 10’s of thousands of candy are the same people who don’t even need dust, so who cares. It would be a perfect boost for the average player.
I’m level 39,4. I’m not hardcore but i do raid a lot. I can’t get enough dust even if i tried to powerup all i want and i know many people who have the same. I have 1k candy at best for some pokemon. A 1-time transfer would mean 200k dust at best for me, nothing to be worried about but it would help.
Also, i know players who started recently (1 started 2 weeks ago, was level 21 after 1 day, and got ex pass next day…). Those players can’t even powerup 1 pokemon, let alone a team and be helpfull in raids. How’s that for gameplay experience?

I think it would be a great addition.


Good ideas. Heres what I got.

  1. English unit option…
  2. Show how many candies a species has in the Pokédex so if i delete all of that species I can still see what I have for candies. If I’m trying to get a 100 candies I typically delete all useless Pokémon so my son does try to evolve or power them up if he manages to get my phone. Hes four…
  3. Able to challenge friends in battles.
  4. Fix the issues with gyms where my Pokémon doesn’t earn coins even if its there longer than 8 hours. Typically about 1 in 6 lasting over 8 hours actually gives coins as a reward.
  5. I agree on stardust berry.
  6. Allow players to see non-pokestop located mobs and use direction system similar to google maps. Maybe even make a pokeradar premium item that gives the direction feature for 8 hours.
  7. Almost every other pokestop or gym has bulbasaurs, but I think I have only seen a couple squirttles or charmanders. All last week was rain and all I saw the whole time was bulbasaurs. Even a couple ivysaurs. Now they are making the next community day for bulbasaurs. I already know a lot of friends who say its a waste of time to even do it other than for stardust.
  8. Wheres the master ball?
  9. Give a stardust bonus each levelup. For example at level 2 you get 2k. At level 40 you get 40k. Each level would get bonus based on level achieved.
  10. Be able to trade pokemon…
  11. If char goes over water shows char in boat or using surf.
  12. Premium item called Pokémon Center that heals all Pokémon in your boxes.
  13. When a Pokémon is fully healed or revived it is automatically removed the list.
  14. When you view a pokemon in the wild it will show a pokeball icon indicating if it is a new Pokémon or nott.
  15. Allow player to battle wild Pokémon.
  16. Eventually implement breeding system.
  17. Low chance to when you capture a Pokémon.
  18. Make shinnys show in wild before click on it.
  19. Shinnys in Pokémon have higher stats than normal so make PokémonGo match.
  20. Able to ignore a pokemon in the wild. For example, holding over a Pokémon in wild gives option to ignore that Pokémon and it then disappears from players view. Would be great somewhere like walmart where you get lots of pokemon I don’t care about that keep poping up. Everytime my phone vibrates as they pop in and out of my screen. I have to keep pulling my phone out to check or I could miss one I want. Right now i catch everything so they don’t pop in and out.
  21. Make windy weather actually increase dragon spawn rate… Seen a lot of windy weather, but never a dragon type Pokémon from it. Basically only natus with the occasional abra.


(1) What do you mean by english unit option?
(4) Daily maximum is 50 coinsc anything after that returns without money
(11) Would be kinda difficult to do
(14) It already does that
(17) What do you mean?
(19) Absolute bullcrap, they have the same stats as non-shiny Pokemon
In fact, back in Gen 2, shiny Pokemon couldnt have great IVs because what determined being shiny also determined part of IVs if I remember correctly
(21) Bagon are still rare Pokemon, makes sense that even with Windy you dont encounter them too often, how many times did you see a Chansey in partly cloudy weather?


YU1) English not metric system. I have no idea how far a kilometer is or a kilogram is but I can tell you how far a mile is ir a pound.
4) Good to know.
11) was just a thought anyway.
14) I will have to look for this feature since from time to time my wife gets on mine if she sees one she thinks I don’t have. However, sometimes I think a Pokémon is new for me then I already have it after being caught.
17) Was spodt to say have a low chance to find a coin when capturing a Pokémon.
19) Maybe I remember shinnys wrong, but the only shinny I got on Gold had awesome stats.
21) I understand dragons are rare but now and then… Yes Chancy is rare but there are plenty of other fairy types out there. There has to be a dragon type pop at some point.


Thats imperial system, not english system
And I thought Americans learn both?

And chansey is a normal type


I understand the metric system but relating to it is another thing. Good point I’m not why I put fairy, lol.


We do need the sort of weird options e.g date format.

I am in the strange situation of using kg, miles and metres…

When I see 1/25/2017 that makes no sense at all because now I read it as 1st of the 25th month…

So there should be options.


I know that this idea is pretty small but I really liked the 8-bit graphics and would like an option to turn them on or off


I would like trading to other players available. I know a few players who quit because pvp, trading, and breeding were promised and haven’t been implemented.


breeding was never promised


I would love breeding, trading, and PvP, but the new Quest Feature is one of the greatest things this game has ever done. I love having a specific task or mission to accomplish each day.


English are taught both metric and imperial too. They went used to so assume this guy is of an older generation. I’m 20 and was taught mostly metric in school.


Make you can only use 1 pokecenter a day and they can only heal a max of 6 pokemons at 1 time


Something really needs to get done about the revive issues not everyone can afford to buy the max revives every time they run out. Raids and pokestops just aren’t putting out enough period. Niantic please increase the revives otw really killing my raiding and chances of even getting to raid.


Pokemon Centres @ or near Gyms, allowing the player to heal 6 pokemon per day each


If I have 60 pokemon i need healed, i can do that in one day if I go to a lot of pokemon centres.
It is a win for niantic as more people will be buying raid passes. Raid passes = ££££


They honestly need to increase the drop rate of revives. I raid alot with 4 accounts sometimes more and the amount of pokestops where I live just ain’t enough to keep stock of them I might get 1 out of 20 spins. I live to far from any major city where there are a lot of stops and gyms and sure cant afford to drive there just to get stocked up just to be out the next day after raiding. We cant even get xraid passes where I stay. Niantic you need to step up your game about this.


I got plenty of revives, I just need more potions. I don’t want to have to use a Max Revive if my Pokemon only has a little damage.


I have a feeling niantic lowers the drop rate of items you have not many of.
My pokeball count looks like this,

and pokestops seem to drop more ultra ball than pokeball