I figured out if Deoxys is mythical or legendary


Where does the company state that
Wikipedia is not the Pokemon company



We will see what Niantic is going to do with it. I don’t care if Deoxys is a legendary or a mythical.


Do you actually believe they failed to “update” a page they made at the beginning of 2018


In the pokemon book it is said to be legendary, it was changed in 2015 after Omega Ruby I believe


Not really. I think there is a confusion between the company as books are stating legendary and the sites are not stating legendary or mythhical


This page was created in 2018


Company clearly shows its a mythical by not allowing even one of it in VGC 2016
And by not listing it in the list of “legendary pokemon”


Can people that obviously dont know anything about Pokemon stop teaching others? No offense, but this reminds me when Sejun won the worlds and forums were flooded with people brainlessly quoting Karen and saying “it was the Pokemon he loved the best”


They have never said it was mythical. After 2015, it was classified as legendary. I know the page was created in 2018 but the company has probably no idea what to do as their book says legendary and their site does not.


2016, which allowed any legendaries and banned only mythicals, banned Deoxys
2016 happened AFTER 2015
A page made in 2018 lists out every single legendary and Deoxys is not there
2018 happened after 2015 as well
Bulbapedia lists it as a mythical too


Then why does a book created by the COMPANY say it is now classified as legendary?



Which book?
And did you seriously use a Youtube video…


I’ve searched a little bit, and this is what I found: “Deoxys used to be a mythical, but ORAS changed it to a legendary. However: It still counts as a mythical. Deoxys has always been treated as a mythical.”

Note: I found this on a forum; It doesn’t mean it’s true. Also every site still says it’s a mythical.


As Ive said, the website, official tournament, Bulbapedia and being unavailble for 10 years and 3 generations without events proves its a mythical


does pokemon.com say it


btw @Necrozmadabest and @Jormdeworm aloan diglett and geodude are spawning in asia and shiny plusle and minun in asia to


Every website I checked, does. I don’t now if that website does either.


Did you check Bulbapedia