I figured out if Deoxys is mythical or legendary


After a long time of looking at websites and seeing one saying that he is mythical and one that he is legendary I read a book I had and figured out what he is, and I have proof… Choose which one you think he is and I will tell you if you are right or wrong in a few days.

  • Deoxys is mythical
  • Deoxys is legendary

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Deoxys officially is a mythical Pokemon, because in every main series Pokemon game, except for Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire, it is unobtainable except by event


BUT since it has this many formes, I think each form will be separately released via the legendary raid eggs. Like a normal 5 star raid boss


Its a mythical, simple as that
The question is how will he be released in GO


Pls pls pls not raid i love deoxys


In a few hours I will say the answer.


3 hours I say the answer with proof. 2 pictures should be enough, maybe 3?


@Luna_Kit what do you think? mythical or legendary?


Mythical. Will be special research event. Most likely right after celibi


2 hours now


Ya… until I get banned from go hub




Mythical or legendary what is your thoughts


just kidding


Mythical and I know it, but Im curious about the proof if you believe otherwise


It’s a mythical, yes.


Should I post it now then??


Think it’s Mythical, but hey I could be mistaken. Not so knowledgeable about Gen 3 and later, but learning.


the suspense is half the fun