I figured out if Deoxys is mythical or legendary


@Pokemon Pokemon, stop


If you pray for it, I will delete them


Delete what


Just post that nonsense already


Ok fine I will just say it: To all of the people who said deoxys is mythical, 97%, you are wrong. Deoxys is legendary.


And the "proof"is?



Your source of information is an unofficial book and you neglect the official website?


Still nowhere to be found on the list of legendary Pokemon on the official website and was prohibited from '16, are you a troll?



search “is deoxys legendary” on google


The official website does not say it is mythical


It was changed in 2015, so every previous game had it classified as mythical. That is why everyone thinks it is mythical


The official websites lists every single legendary Pokemon
Deoxys isnt there

Why was Deoxys banned in '16?


banned from what


They made the list but never updated it to include deoxys


Thats why Solgaleo is here for example



From VGC 2016


I have no idea but the official pokemon book states its legendary, the company states it is legendary