How was your special field research day?


I Just tried to find sample locations people associate with great PoGo experience… San Francisco being Niantic’s headquarter, and Santa Monica Pier is just famous for it. Sorry, didn’t mean to offend anyone…


Totally understand, I wasn’t offended, I was just giving my opinion on Downtown SF, personally I think it’s overhyped for spawns, I’ve never gotten many spawns or good spawns there. I’ve also never been to Santa Pier since PoGo has been out so can’t comment on the spawns. Again, wasn’t offended just giving my opinion.


It’s pretty good spawn wise not stop wise the spawns are amazing but the connection is terrible


evolved it to milotic. It is 80%


Do male and female Milotic have different “hair” length?


Yes, male has shorter female has longer hair


Clamperl incoming next weekend!


I thought it said this weekend?


Yep. I’ll grind in Disneyland Paris


Mine was great. 3 shinies in 1 hout, havent played more. Furthermore i can conclude Disneyland Paris is a great spot for these kinds of events


got a shiny shellder as well!


Work. caught ~75 pokemon there but no wild shinys either.


I had a nice event.


It was great. Much better than Feebas day. Niantic listened to our feedback and corrected the mistakes. I got 12 Clamperl, 6 with good IVs, 3 shiny Clamperl (I have 1 unfinished task so it can be more). Tasks weren’t difficult, spawns were better and there were more of them than on Feebas day. I didn’t get other shinies, but that’s OK. I’d like future research days to be as good if not better.


I got 2 Clampearl quests. Haven’t cashed one in yet.


Did 62 quests, 8 Shiny clams and 3 non shiny with 98% IVs. 11 total shiny Pokémon today :smiley:


Did 28 3shiny



And still got 1 more to evolve


Mine starts in 90min.
I predict that I will do 24 quests for 0 Shiny :grinning: and maybe 1 IV in the 96-100%.