How was your special field research day?


Around 10 Clamperl 1 shiny


The shiny rate seemed to be around 10%, much better than Feebas day.


I think that’s true I did 28 and three shiny


It’s overall a pretty good event despite the fact that there were some network errors that I had to restart the game several times during event time. 5 shiny out of 33 caught, might have 1 or 2 stacked in the research queue.


I caught 27 Clamperl, but only 1 shiny. That shiny became a Gorebyss. I was also able to land a regular Gorbyss as well as a Huntail.

Also: Caught a Latias and a shiny Luvdisc. :smiley:


Overall I think this one was a lot better than the last one


Yeah, today was fun. This is how events like these should be.


Yep the task we’re not too hard and the weather was decent for almost everyone


Fantastic at first…then came evolving nothing but Huntail. That really burned. I evolved SIX in a row and not one Gorebyss? That’s a 1.6% chance, and not even RNG can paint that to be not BS.


What Field Research Day?

I ain’t got one today :tired_face:


The one with clamperl

I found one wild one today, by the way


Just kidding… I missed it that’s why I’m asking what Field Research Day :grin:


Don’t worry dude I’ll trade you one


Did a lot better than my prediction :grinning:

Got 42 Quests done banking all the Clampearl for catchining after the event with Pinaps.
Got my first Shundo Plus 4 other Shiny.
Have a couple of 98% and 96% in the collection too.
Haven’t evolved any yet until final IV checking has been completed.


What’s left after clean up.


This special research day was…

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Number of shinies obtained

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  • 1
  • 2
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Have you obtained an off-event shiny?

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What evolutions of Clamperl have you obtained?

  • Huntail
  • Gorebyss
  • None

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didn’t do it


May the odds be ever in your favour lol


80 minutes in, 4 shiny lotad and 2 castform. 2 of the lotad are 96+ iv, but no hundo


This one is the most shinies I have ever catched in all events I have played with… although just 1 Lotad there… gonna need another one for my Princess…