How was your special field research day?


How was your day of catching Pokemon, and completing quests for Shiny feebas?


Mine is great. 1h 20 minutes in my first Shiny. Time to go home


Bad. Took the bike (to hatch more eggs) but it was just too cold. I wasn’t even able to throw Balls anymore. Encountered around 30 Feebas. I hope I’ll get my shiny Feebas in the wild sometime. Time to go to home I guess.

PS It took me over three minutes to type this, so cold is it.


Haven’t start


Ours is tomorrow, JAN 20…


We are supposed to have an ice storm right in the middle of our event. So I’ll mostly be catching Feebas from my house I guess.


Sadly Feebas isn’t boosted in the wild during the Feebas RD.


The worst special day I’ve seen. Not only there was no wild spawn, the other spawns had gone down, so it was double difficult to complete the researches,
Apart of this I was able to complete 4 (yes, only 4) researches with a result of nice 4 normal Feebas,


One point that can be improved; the Numbers for the make {x} great/nice throws must be lower. They should be 3 and 5, not 10 and 15.


Good luck

Today i roamed in delft equipped with a vacuum flask with ginger lemon tea. That helps a lot with the cold


Bad.i did 1 Quest


What do you think

  • I had a great event day
  • I don’t think it was a great event day

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For those who answered that it wasn’t,

  • Shiny were too low
  • Too cold weather
  • Too hot weather
  • Quests were too hard
  • Other

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For those who thought it was a good event

  • It was good because I had a shiny
  • It was good, but not for that I got a shiny
  • Other

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I didnt even do it


People having answered other, please specify


Hatch 1 Egg was way too common and nearly impossible within the three hour window.


Who actually got any shinies?

  • Me
  • Not me

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For me it hasn’t started


Still have 3 1/2 hours until start here.


Good luck then to everyone who has yet to get their first feebas quest