How was your special field research day?


She was with a second group today.


I thought it was good, but I know some people who didn’t think it was good bc they didn’t get any shinies or multiple shinies. Granted I found two shiny Feebas (36 stops) and a shiny zigzagoon


This was rough and a lot less fun 5 accounts in our car , 70 tasks completed , only 1 shiny that came in very last minute suburban area so had to drive in order to get more than 3 pokestops. Driver wanted to stop so he could do throw tasks, but others stacked and completed egg or buddy tasks and had to get new tasks ,most anyone completed was 20, parks had very few spawns to throw at, reading others posts, many were lucky but those that aren’t felt it was a waste and too much work i am in Florida USA so our weather was great, I am sorry for those that had to try in bad conditions. Three hours of work should have some reward


Players can be able to hold 3 quests at most at one time, the quests are not difficult to complete but time consuming, that really reduce the number of encounter (1 quest done = 1 encounter) within the 3-hour window. Limited Research is really LIMITED.


Weather was beautiful here. Played the Feebas thing for an hour and got 2 Feebas and a whole bunch of miscellaneous Pokemon. Not a single shiny. That was getting tedious, and I noticed a lot of gyms were having raids; so I switched over to chasing raids for the next six hours. After 4 tier-5 raids I did a bunch of lower-tier ones to replenish my supply of golden-razzes. Only one shiny all day, but that was a Groudon.

At the end of the Feebas event I still had 2 Feebas tasks to finish, and they got automatically finished for me as time expired, which i thought was pretty neat.

Encountering so few of the feature Pokemon was weird, though, almost like an inverse of Community Day (where the game is saturated with the feature Pokemon).



I had a Golf game in the morning and by the time I finished and drove back home it was 1 hour into the event.
The Minister of War and Finance had a list of shopping waiting for me when I got home so I collected some quests and did what I could down the shops until the end of the event.
12 done for 0 Shiny


Got 4 normal feebas and busy doing leftover quests


Honestly, it was annoying, I got a shiny, so I don’t have anything to whine about, but everyone around me did not like this day and there were hundreds of people where I was at. We kept getting these task to throw 15 nice balls and even though they were perfect, they weren’t being registered as nice. So that was kind of bogus, that we’re trying to finish challenges but they’re impossible to make.

So I am walking a shiny right now, that I got, but this was not a good community day, nothing compared to any of the other days that we had.


I like the concept of having xx number of throws but those numbers were set too high. 5 Greats and 8 or 10 Nice would have been better.


TL;DR This event was frustrating.

I already posted on a different thread, but this seems to be the “official how was your xyz day?” thread, so I’ll just put my 2 cents in here, too.

But to be honest… I can’t even write my real opinion here, it would be too harsh and would get me banned…

We had about -5°C here. This is OK to me, I just put on warm clothes, I won’t complain about that.
I made a plan where I’d start grinding (downtown first with about 15 stops, then the local park with its 7 stops and then anything I can find around me). My husband didn’t want to play, so I could play the way I wanted, yet my plan was worthless.

Earning a buddy candy was the easiest of the researches (hail to my buddy Pidgey), and I had some eggs about 1.5km from hatching. I tried to bundle the same tasks to get more done, but whe I first spun a ‘make 10 great throws’ task I was like “what do they think where we all are playing? Downtown San Francisco? Santa Monica pier?”
Making 10 great throws quickly needs the right - easily to aim at - spawns. And you know… It’s just ridiculous to hear oneself thinking “oh, please jump out of the ball so I can throw once more”.
Then I spun the “make 15 nice throws” and for a moment I was thinking about just going home and stop playing for the day… But I still had hope that the shiny rate could be high due to the difficulty of those tasks, and so I kept playing. I caught everything in sight, I raided my stacked encounters (thank goodness I had those…).
I forgot to keep track of the quests done, I guess I only managed to do about 20 although I was grinding the full 3 hours. A friend who was with me about 15 (no incubators for the hatch eggs quests and only a few stacked encounters…). We both didn’t get any shinies.
I only know two people from our raid goup who got one, one of them after 40 quests, the other was extremely lucky and only needed 8 quests.
It was just frustrating 3 hours of running around like a maniac, we had no fun, and I really hope this was the first and last limited research event.
They could have released shiny Feebas with the next water festival, people would have been way less frustrated.

And to all those who keep saying “shines are supposed to be rare” or something like this… Yes, this is true… But Niantic has spoilt us with Community Days (which here in my area are OK, but I still need to grind the full three hours to get my all-evo-stages shinies in most cases, it’s not like in those YouTube videos where people get 20 shinies casually…) and keeps driving up our expectations… I don’t complain about the shiny odds outside CDs, but when they do a 3 hour special event for introducing a new shiny, I do expect that from a group of 3 (we met another player) at least one player gets at least one shiny when really grinding the full 3 hours…


“Frustrating” really is the best word to explain it.

I have nothing against that Niantic forces us to make a big effort, but at least I ask for a recompensation.

Every game has to have the aim to be joyfull, or you feel satisfaction for what you have done…
… but this time the gain is frustration, angriness for the time loosed, hearing comments like “it’s time to let it go”…

Really, Niantic, think twice before starting something like this again.


I was hoping for something similar to the themed research that we had on Squirtle day. Maybe those were a little too easy, but the Feebas tasks were just way too time consuming for a one day event. I completed about 12 tasks, however on opening two of the encounters my storage was full and I lost them. I was disappointed with myself for letting that happen. I was however very lucky because I got one shiny from a task that I picked up in the last few minutes of the event and during the course of the event I caught a shiny Swablu.


I slept through it. :wink:



I completely agree with this article. Even though I don’t really care I didn’t get shiny Feebas.

The idea was good, but it needs improvements like the ones mentioned in the article.


The tumbnail says it all.


Lol, the Santa Monica Pier is only good if you have really good connection and data.
: D I almost went there but nope.
I ended up watching a movie and completing one quest/


Didn’t try that hard so I wasn’t disappointed by not getting one. Wasn’t much to motivate me to try harder.


I feel your pain and understand your frustration but honestly in my opinion downtown San Francisco isn’t that great for spawns. I was playing in a rural area and was able to complete 15 of the tasks (with the majority of them being make 10/15 great/nice throws) in an hour before I had to move to the next town over.


We didn’t have phone signal so we went to a different City. It was also raining so I wanted to show feebas some dedication and tried to complete all 12 stops in the city before resting. 2 hours later I have no shiny, the same people who have high shiny luck got shinies at this point I don’t even want go bother anymore. Not gonna join future special reasearch days. If I’m not gonna get shiny pokemon anyway just gonna play casually from now on,