How was your raid hour?



0/53 since shiny release? Oof, thats rough.


Sorry to read that happened to you. We have such a large local community on discord, we split into different groups on raid days. I couldn’t participate this week because I was at work. But this Saturday, a lot of us are going to our local battlefield to do raids before Trapnich CD starts.


Thats terrible to hear.
I know what it’s like to get stuffed around by others (not quite as bad as your situation) for Raids when I only played my own acct.
I took matters into my own hand and fixed the problem.


so in a little over 1 hour the last Giratina raid hour starts. My last chance for a shiny (perhaps i can sqeeze 1 extra raid in tomorrow).

Still no shiny after just under 60 tries. I’ll bet beforehand that this raid hour will be another fail for me, already making me mad. that will be ~ 65 euros wasted on a crappy legendary, just for the shiny, and without getting the shiny. GG Niantic…


Not going to do it. It’s raining. And the raid groups are rare here, they most likely not going out.


I’m not going to do it either, I have other things to do and it just started to rain.


Same here. But we don’t live that far off of each other lol


From the 6 startpoints we have, it looks like only 1 actually has enough players to actually do a train (17 players). Not gonna do 1 myself today. Weather is bad and i just dont feel like it.


Seems the Discourt group from Delft doesn’t feel for it either.


Since when do exraid gyms join a raid hour??? :thinking:


Always as long as they dont have an EX-raid planned in the next wave.


Seems that way around here, too. Only gyms having an EX raid scheduled for the next week will be ‘raid blocked’ as a rule – but that applies to all raids, not just raid hour.

A small number of gyms will have a raid already in progress when the raid hour comes, and only some of those will have their T5 egg come when their other raid ends.

edit: I can already say how my raid hour went (8 hours ahead of time), because I plan only to collect a raid pass and save it for Darkrai raids tomorrow (I need another Altered Giratina like I need another armpit).


Aaaaaaand of course i got no shiny last night. Pumped in another 8 raids during raid hour, the last 4 with only 5 people total because the rest was burned out and had multiple shinies.

Did a total of 66 giratina raids now, no shiny. What a waste of time and money. Gonna save my daily pass today for halloween event, that 67th giratina won’t be shiny anyway.


You should try. 1 in 20 odds lol


I have a very big conspiracy about shinies that prevents me from trying 1 last time.

The 1 in 20 or 1 in 450 chance is overall idd. but i seriously believe accounts can be shiny locked for certain pokemon, i.e. chance of getting them are way way way too low. On the opposite side there are pokemon people can be super viable for. I got tons of examples from many people that support that. For me alone my 8 shiny caterpie and 11 wild shiny eevvee are proof of super viable versus several pokemon i still don’t have shiny even after being in several events (crabby, spoink snubble and sunkern keep eluding me).
My GF for example is super viable for shiny mewtwo, she got 5 in the first 3 days of the event and 1 EX raid shiny in the first weekend he was available. We were so convinced about her being super viable we even predicted it and were right.


Still a one in twenty chance. I mean, with seventy Giratina encounters you have a 2.8% chance of still not having encountered one shiny.


and yet still i don’t have one. I stick with it: i’m shiny locked for Giratina.


So we havent started yet here, but this is how things are looking right now…

Since theres people coming from 5 different groups accros 3 different apps, communication is difficult. So we are just going to start with 4 minutes left at the starting point (or hopefully a minute or 2 sooner) and see how it goes from there.

I really wish Niantic would fix this issue though. They can do it for raid days that there are raids on every gym except EX-triggered ones. Why not for raid hour.


I’m not going to do this. So in need of a proper raid group here.


Lol, Just found a local discourt for a bunch of towns, too bad my town is not really active, jet.