How was your raid hour?



Having a class from 5:30 to 7:30 tonight means I’m guaranteed to miss the whole raid hour again this week. Skipping isn’t an option; but hopefully next week I won’t have to miss a third raid hour in a row.


Well this went alot better then expected. The gyms that had a raid before 18:00 got a new one again, so we decided to hit them twice. Resulted in a bit of a back and forth route, but thats all pretty close together so it made sense.
The yellow line is the start, then red, then blue.
7/8 caught, higest was a 2103 (wich is my highest so far :expressionless:).


Mine starts in about 90 minutes! I’m hyped. I’ve been waiting three years for Darkrai. :smiley:


Did two raids and lost both darkrai. My husband caught both of them of course.


Went 4/4 on my Darkrai raids, which is amazing. I’ve never had that kind of luck before. lol


Lowest turn out yet. 19 in lobby, and about half (including myself) left after the first one.
The absense of a raid worthy boss in combination with darkness (sunset at 17:05, pitch black by the time its 18:00) will see a louzy turnout the upcoming month i think. Especially when its going to get cold.


Wow. We had overflow lobbies at 3 of the 5 Cobalion raids yesterday afternoon. But 2/3 of them were one-and-done with the free daily raid pass. Clearly not as popular as Mewtwo or Rayray.


We had enough for two groups in my area tonight. A few kept going for the full hour, but my friend and I bailed after 3 because 1. I have other things to do tonight and 2. Cobalion.

Definitely nothing like Mewtwo, Darkrai, or even Giratina.

I did go 2/3 on my raids. 84.4% was my best IV though.


Arvos this week so no Raid Hour for me.


Nobody seemed to be interested… I managed to pursade one player (who has 2 L40 accounts) to come, I played mine and my husband’s account. We still needed the dex entry… We spent the two free passes (current day and day before) and that’s it. One mediocre and one decent Cobalion.
Around this time of year it’s really not great to have a raid even at 6:00pm, it’s getting dark early, and I don’t feel like lingering in a dark park alone waiting for other players…


I just did 3 raids and got a 96%. Good enoudgh for me, so waiting now for the next T5 raidboss. Untill then I will raid shiny chances like Klink or Shinx.


I actually used Discord for the first time for this. lol


Didn’t get to go as weather turned foul and I started coming down with something. Oh well.