How was your raid hour?



Yet another topic with the name “how was your …”
So… how was your raid hour actually?


today, it was rainy. But I managed to do 8 Giratina raids and captured all of them. 1 was a weather boosted 100%!


Bit of a mess. The puppies (new players, low levels) from team Blue didnt really wanna listen to the call out for them to go in a private match and yellow/red combined in open battle to maximize rewards/balls. Pretty sure someone (or a few people) will have lost their raid pass there.

I only did the 1st and 3rd raid in our train (cause the 3rd is an EX gym :stuck_out_tongue: ) and left the train after that. Ill save my passes for Mewtwo and whatever comes after Giratina.


Got a shiny on the first one, then got kicked out three times from the raid for no reason (thanks, Niantic!)
I was astonished when 3*40 and then a 39 with additional 35 and a new 29 players lost to Shadow Sneak on timeout…


Really? The 3 level 40’s alone should have been enough… Even without friends bonus.


Yeah, but you know, Blissey…


My Raid Hour was awesome. I forgot about it. Lol. Not that I had the time to do it, but that’s something else.


Never felt more humiliated. Basically I was going to join a new group in a place that’s not my hometown. I’d met a few players from there in the past and according to them they meet at a certain point every week for Raid Hour. I hang around for about 15 minutes, nobody turns up. I then get on a bus home, get stuck in traffic and by the time I arrive back in my hometown it’s 6:40pm and I have no idea where everyone is. Lesson learned - stick to your own hometown. At least it wasn’t next week’s dual Raid Hour that this happened! Still on the plus side, it’s saved me some raid passes.


Whaha same here. :rofl:


L40 is no longer a badge of this Player might know how to play the game a bit and be organised to do any T5.
40 is the old 30 tbh. Way too much gifted XP since Raiding and more so since Friends came in.


Thing is… He was the first from our group to hit 40, two years ago


He should be very embarrassed and even more so not being able to tech the others on best counters to get the job done with as few and as quick as possible.
Product of getting by with others doing all the heavy lifting.


Was a fun dinner hour yesterday.
I still missed out on a shiny Giratina, which is taking really long for my doing. However i caught a shiny on our orange account (used to be Valor, now Instinct like me and my GF), so we already have a spare.
But the biggest deal was me catching a 100% Giratina. In all my 1500 legendary raids i’ve done, i’ve only seen 7 100%'s, the first 2 not caught beacusae my catchrate was lower back then. Also a 100% Ho-Oh fled on the same day i caught a 98%, 98% shiny and some other good ones, and i already had 1 100% from before so no biggie there. Yesterday was my 7th, and thus 4th i caught. Dreams can come true!

also, did 9 raids. last 2 were on same gyms as first 2 due to premature eggs on those gyms. 1 of those is an EX gym and the other isn’t gold for me, so also a big +


No raid hour for me. I have the shiny, so went out on the look for a 2nd shiny Klink outside of the raid hour. :slight_smile:


Did 4 raids. No Shinies. 2 Giratinas got away. But it was still fun. Will probably do more raids during the day today while running errands.


I was stuck for four days at a conference center that had 5 gyms and 12 stops, but no other Pokémon Go players. I did only 3 lower-tier raids all week, and those were just to use the daily free pass.

Here’s what dinner raid hour looked like: :disappointed:


Wow. No 100% IV mewtwo, but out of 7 raids, got 2 shinies!!


12 Metwo raids done in about 1 hour 45 minutes. No shinys, no good ones. Bit of a bummer. So ill just keep lucky trading till i get a good psystrike.


Finally managed to catch my first Mewtwo and caught 5 more too. No Shinies, but that’s no problem. One was Weather Boosted which also had the best IV. Can’t complain. :star_struck::star_struck:


After getting errored out of a raid and still not having a shiny after god knows how many raids, I noticed one Mewtwo popped up mere seconds before the raid hour ended - went there, it was quite far, and much to my surprise, it was actually shiny!