How was your raid hour?



Couldn’t do it. Just got off work


No Mewtwo hour for me which ended up being Raid 2 1/4hr here for reasons unknown due to being at work. Past 8pm all Mewtwo caught changed to Shadow Ball Charge Move too.


Tier fives didn’t revert to Altered Giratina at the end of the hour?!?


I was to tired to go out to even have a chance on finding a raid group. I was looking at a soccermatch, didn’t even make it to the end. But I got my 3 Japanese Mewtwo’s so I’m not to sad about it.


I think as long as the T5 egg hatches within the raid hour, not necessarily at 6pm, it is Mewtwo. I had couple here hatched at about 630pm, still Mewtwo.


We did quite some raids in those about 1 1/2 hours we found Mewtwo… We managed to get 11 raids in with our group of 9 accounts.
I had to play for my husband as well (he was at work), hoping I’d finally get him a shiny. The end of the story: I got a second shiny, and many crap IV M2, hubby got one decent IV M2 but no shiny.
He will get one traded once we are lucky friends…


No Shadow Ball for me, though I caught two Mewtwo after the Raid Hour ended.


Gyms that are blocked by other raids will hatch a Mewtwo if the other raid is gone before raid hour ends.
On top of that: gyms that havent been seen by anyone yet before the end of raid hour, but are visited before that end will also spawn a Mewtwo.
So if you know a remote gym, and go visit it at 18:59, it will hatch 20 minutes later at 19:19 and end at 20:19.
This also works for raid days btw.


You know shadow ball will only be available via the ex raids?


@NotanotherKangaskhan stated this.


Hmm. My last shiny mewtwo was caught at 19:02 but had psystrike


My Mewtwo all have Psystrike.


The bug that @NotanotherKangaskhan reported was apparently fixed by the time the hour reached California – all tier five eggs that appeared after 7 hatched to Giratinas.


But did the Eggs that hatched between 6pm-7pm, too?


Judging from the Discord content during that time, people were catching the last Mewtwos right around the time I arrived – just before 8pm.


What’s wrong with some people? They can be such jerks! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Almost every single Pokemon GO player that I met in person turned out to be a jerk, stabbed me in the back, didn’t keep their promise, insulted me etc. :rage: Last such case was during Mewtwo raid hour. It was a complete disaster for me. I was really looking forward to this event, planned everything in advance, powered up my best Pokemon. I went to the nearest city where I had already participated in Suicune Day and EX raid. I was supposed to meet with a player whom I met during Suicune Day (Lets talk - (anything)). 2 days before the event, I sent him a message to tell him that I would come and to ask where the meeting place was. He didn’t answer. Nevertheless, I went to the city on the day of Mewtwo raid hour. I thought the group would start from the same place as on Suicune Day because they told me so at that time. I texted him again 15 minutes before the raid. He didn’t answer. I called him. He rejected my phone call. The raid hour started, but the group didn’t show up. I began looking for them. I checked every gym nearby. I went to the EX raid Gym in the park – nothing. I had been waiting for the whole hour in hope they would come there in the end, but no one came. I knew that they were playing somewhere because I saw in the game that the said player had caught Mewtwo. Later that evening, when I was taking over gyms, he appeared. He saw me from a distance, but he didn’t have the guts to approach me. So in the end, I left empty-handed, without Mewtwo. :sob::disappointed: I am so disappointed. I didn’t deserve such treatment, I don’t know why he did that. He showed what kind of person he is. :nauseated_face::poop: Now I don’t know if I’ll be able to participate in raid hours anymore. It sucks when you depend on someone and they let you down. And this is not the first time I’ve been let down by other players. But that’s a long story.


Yeesh, I would see if you can get on the local Discord and “listen in” on when people are going to be gathering and then just show up unannounced.


Call me a raid crasher, but when ever I can and find a raid group (that is a big problem around here, spoofersunited doesn’t count), I jump in. Not asking if they mind. Why? Then they can’t say no and “we” are in a public place anyway. Going to a bigger city I wouldn’t have that problem, but I don’t drive around for Pokemon since fuel isn’t cheap here(ok, some times, but no big distances).


so I did 10 mewtwo on tuesday with no shinies. I’m now 2 out 90 since the shiny release, and those 2 i caught early on.
Also did 8 giratina last night, and i can proudly say i’m at 0 out 53 for the shiny.

This game hates me.
Edit: and i’m starting to hate the game more then it must hate me. Besides raiding i play less and less.


Yesterday I used my free pas on a Shinx, because there was no Klink available. After that, I used my first free raid hour pas on a Mewtwo on an Ex-raid gym to be able to spin the 2nd free pas to use on a Klink after the raid hour. My friends extra account got the shiny Mewtwo.