How was Your Community day


Two more shinies today, didn’t play as much as intended so was nice to get them.

  • 1 shiny Turtwig
  • 1 shiny Trapinch


Couldnt play much so no point in sharing stats. I still needed shiny chimchar and i got that so im happy. Also evolved everything i wanted too, and then some for future trades and new pvp system.


Weekend ending stats: 40 km, caught 1017 pokemons, 22 shiny…
Finally got Salamanca - without CD getting those candies was a nightmare…
Just evolved everything what needed to be evolved.
I am ready for new year :slight_smile:


Day 2 was great! I caught 8 shinies. 7 shinies during CD hours and 1 after that. First Pokemon that I checked was shiny Mudkip! I also caught my first shiny shadow Meowth from Cliff! I did 2 Charmander raids. I evolved everything that I wanted. I liked the reduced egg distance, double XP and stardust.

My best IV catches


13 shine-sterinos on part of December CD. A fair selection with a decent Swampert and Trapinch (both 87%)… but Ralf continues to elude me - none of the blue-headed indie-pop kids today to go with a paltry 3 back on their original CD. Not grumblin’ though… I had a pretty good day :grin:


Did two Beldum raids hoping for better IV, but both turned out to be 89%. Got shiny Treecko, Bagon and Ralts. Also got a hundo male Ralts.


Day 1:
Ended up getting 14 Shinies and a (full-odds?) Shiny Chimchar.

Three Shiny Slakoth
Three Shiny Totodile
Four Shiny Bagon
Two Shiny Swinub
Two Shiny Treecko
I finally managed to complete the Shiny Totodile line.
Day 2:
Frustrating, as I needed three Shiny Mudkip and J found my first at the very end of the boosted Shiny rate part of the CD. I didn’t get a Shiny Mudkip after the first one anymore. In total, I got 10+2 Shinies:

  • Two Shiny Trapinch
  • One Shiny Mudkip
  • Three Shiny Ralts
  • Two Shiny Chimchar
  • Two Shiny Turtwig
  • One Shiny Slakoth
  • One Shiny Mankey

And I evolved some strong Pokémon this day, so that they have the Community Day move. But I just heard Outrage is better than Draco Meteor :frowning:.


second half of community day wsa great! got 2 shiny mudkip, which ii didn’t have before sunday!


I couldn’t play this time and I was OK with that. We were moving to our new house this weekend and we barely had time for anything else. Plussed 3 shinies anyways (Totodile, Swinub, Torchic), evolved a Last Resort Umbreon just in case I start being interested in PvP, and some other stuff (mostly Tyranitar, Metagross).


Luckilly thats TM’able :wink:


I ended the community weekend with 29 shinies. And I finally reached the 10 million dust. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, fortunately it is. :slightly_smiling_face:


That band of monkeys released shiny Gible
That severely decreases the chance of a CD happening just because Niantic was hoping for a quick cash-in on incubators (it’s tied to the last egg shake-up


Just my personal opinion, but I honestly don’t care if shiny Gible was released and not a CD mon, it makes no difference to me.


CD or not doesn’t make a big difference to me neither, but with the ultra rare spawns and ultra low hatch rate it is now virtually impossible to get a shiny Gibble. And that DOES make a difference to me. It now feels more like “We introduce a new shiny you will never get, hahahaha”.


Exactly, that’s the reason Im scared that it wont get its CD
(that and also it’s one of my absolute favourites and a pseudo so Id love it if it got a better move)


BECAUSE its still so rare i think (hope) Niantic might break their habbit of not doing CD for already released shinys. I dont care about exclusiveness. That went out the door with T5 raids. I care about being able to capture, evolve and power up a decent Garchomp. If its shiny, even better.


Through diligence and tradesmanship you can obtain one, and through disciplined management of rare candy, you can evolve and power it up. It took me months; but the result has turned out to be better than I expected.

When you get yours, consider giving it ground-type attacks. Any good Rayquazas you have will probably be better dragon-type attackers, anyway.


They did that for pikachu didn’t they?


Ive got 2, both from trades. But theres still an RNG factor there, even with lucky trades. Atleast on a CD you have alot of chances to get a good one.
Also, my rare candys are for legendarys. Way harder to obtain even with Gibles low spawn. Ive got 101 from walking and 43 from feeding berrys. That wouldnt work for legendarys.

And yes @Brobraam, they did.