How was Your Community day


Not a bad CD for me. Four shiny Chimchar, none of them had great IVs but :man_shrugging:

Also managed to get two Galarian Weezing raids within 5 minutes of CD finishing so that was a bonus, both with full lobbies.


Took me 3 hours to get the same 8 shinies. But at 11:00 I started the game and the first CHimchar I tapped was a 96% shiny one. So that’s my BB Infernape now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Forgot about Community Day. I was too wrapped up in playing Pokemon Shield. :confused:


Man shiny apes this go plus non shiny 98 and 100% IV caught.


I didn’t forget about it. Just not worth doing if my son isn’t here. He went on weekend trip with wife and daughter, so I was like, F it. He got in trouble today with his mom for playing Sword instead of doing his homework. Lol


Just finished Sword, going to start Shield this weekend


I finished Shield yesterday. I could have done it sooner, but I was enjoying wandering around the Wild Area. Now I’m filling out the dex (I’m up to 350) and just unlocked the IV calculator so I can see how good (or bad lol) they all are. :smiley:


Nice I’m at 230, definitely could have finished it earlier but I had other commitments this past weekend


It was quite good, but we called it a day after we both found at least one Shiny, and we both found the same hundo as well (non-Shiny).


and may the shiny odds be ever in your favour