How was Your Community day


How was your community day?
Leave a note of how many Charmander you have seen and how many shinies you have got. Other catches are also welcome to be shared

[edit]: this post is posted ahead of time


Nice. Got nothing yet lol😝


Show me an european fortune teller… :joy::joy:


I only see Lileeps and Anoriths everywhere. Then, IMO, you’re almost going to think Adventure Week event has started! No Charmander sadly. They added the wrong time again on the Hub I guess.


Got him. Funny thing it was the first Charmander I’ve tapped on.


Only 20000 stardust


FIRST CD WITH NO SHINY :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::cold_sweat::fearful::fearful::sob::sob:
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Surprisingly rare spawn, still got two (one weak, one pretty darn good with over 2100CP), got some dust and exp, nice event, looking forward to Larvitar or whatever do they have in store


Got it. Also 2 extra Charmanders.


4 shinies.



I couldnt Play long, but i got 2 in 28


@Brobraam I just remembered that I’ve seen 60 Charmander in total today (transfered 50 lol) so my rate is 3/60 or 1/20

EDIT: 3/56*


1 Shiny was 86% iv


I got 1 in 25…


Mine didn’t start yet


0 in 70


Oh, that’s a sad notice…


I got 2 shinies for 118 charmanders
My mum got 5 shinies for 15 charmanders



Lol😂 Your mum was very lucky then