How was Your Community day


My position on this may make me a heathen around here; but with Gible being rarer than Legendaries and its evolved form being more useful than most of them, it might as well be categorized as Pseudo-Legendary. I’d feed rare candy to Gible before Cresselia, Cobalion, Giratina Altered, Latias, or any of the Regis. It’s more versatile and tankier than any of the Legendary Beasts or the Lake Trio.


Pseudo-legendaries are clasified based on their stats, not on their usefulness or rarity
Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross, Salamence, Garchomp, Hydreigon, Goodra, Kommo-o and Dragapult are all pseudos because their base stat total is 600, the only other Pokémon to share it is the majority of mythical Pokémon (I believe Arceus and Hoopa-Unbound are the only exceptions)



I was using “pseudo-legendary” in its literal sense – that it seems legendary but isn’t really legendary. I’m not familiar with an official dictionary or encyclopedia of terms for Pokémon Go. (Every reference I can find is from some third-party source or fragments of Niantic news releases.) If there is an official reference, I’d appreciate a pointer to it.

Whatever the precise definition of “pseudo-legendary” is, the list you gave includes Garchomp. So where we differ in practical application is that I am willing to put rare candy to some pseudo-legendaries, even before some legendaries. (I’ve used 'em for Ttar, Metagross, and Dragonite, too.)


There’s no official release because the term itself is fanmade - but the category is not


That was before the game went mobile, right?

If the category is not fanmade:

  1. Who defined the category (and where was defined)? and
  2. How did people refer to the category before fans gave it a term?


It was technically defined by Game Freak since they started making 600BST non-legendary non-mythical Pokémon all the way back in Gen 1 for every Generation - this wouldnt really make it a special thing if it werent for the fact that the highest non-legendary non-mythical BST is otherwise either Arcanine or Togekiss at around 555/560 (excluding Slaking) - thus, the fans noticed these special Pokémon and decided to call them “pseudo-legendary” for their base stats that exceed those of minor legendaries by 20
As for the name, it was never mentioned officially as far as I know


Thanks for the ref. Sounds like the game’s developer defined the term, then. And while it’s normal for developers to be fans of their own work, it seems the term is more official than just ‘fanmade’.

(Though, to be fair, the relationship between Game Freak and Pokémon does seem to blur the line between developer and user or fan, to begin with.)


Well obviously. But you name the worst bunch.
As dragon Garchomp is outclassed by alot, and alot of them are legendary. As ground its not as bad but with recent changes atleast Groudon is better. Ofcourse i wouldnt pump Rare candys in your list, but there are so many more wich i do want to power up, it just makes no sense for me to put rare candys in a gible when i can walk/feed it. Especially now with the buddy update where it will be easier.


You won’t use rare candy for anything you can walk/feed?


Pretty much. Its to valueable for that to me. Ive got 5 maxed out Kyogres. If i had to get the candys for that walking, i still wouldnt have enough. And thats just 1 example. Right now i have 25 maxed legendarys. Thats alot of walking.


A lot of raiding helps, too. :grin:


However, Garchomp does both roles really well and can be ideal Pokémon for low-budget trainers


May the shiny odds be ever in your favour


8 in the first 2 hours and 1 in the last hour.


The spawns went nuts with capital letters today! I caught one Shiny Piplup in the first hour, two in the second hour and then twelve in the last hour, four of them were caught in the last five minutes. The total Shiny rate = 15/460


CD started of great.
First 2 minutes were spent catching Heatran (cause i was a bit late to a raid so the 3 others had to wait… Oops) and then the first Piplup i tapped was shiny.

In the end, 214 caught, 6 shiny. Evolved various ones for various leagues, and a 98% 15/15/14 for if i ever have to much stardust and Groudon makes a return (top counter vs Solarbeam in sunny weather).

Also did another Heatran halfway into the CD. Smack in the middle of the park. Must have been over 6 lobbys full, so theres an EX-pass to look forward to.


Hm… My Community Day was not very successful this time. Although I don’t live in that town any more I went to my usual playing spot, a small park with quite some stops and 3 gyms.
It took me forever to finally get my first shiny then again forever to get the second one. It was windy and chilly and I was simply annoyed. With 30 minutes left I started to head home and changed to plussing only on the drive… Again nothing… I later met with some other players at a Heatran raid and got traded a third shiny Piplup… But this was really one of my worst CDs so far at least by numbers.
I had seen 198 Piplup (caught 142, as I already said I plussed without shiny checking for the last 30 minutes, and I plussed before but WITH shiny checking). That’s almost a rate of 1 in 100 :fearful:

I hope the odds were better for you guys…


120 seen, 4 got away. 4 Shiny’s. 43k dust and 43k xp. Not too bad this time.


With the weather of today here in Valencia, I couldn’t leave the apartment. But what a strange thing, I caught 90 piplup, with 3 Shinys between them. Really not so bad, sitting on a chair in front of the television.


Lovely clear winter day here in the UK. Went hunting with the missus and the cat but saw very few other players in my local town. Duo-ed a heatran - but still no shiny.
Piplup wise it was a good day for shiners. 14 for me - highest IVs of 80% and 75%. Mrs c. got 7 shinies and the cat got 3.